The Ethic Council of DPD RI Will Form Communication Forum of Ethic Council Parliament


Jakarta- The Ethic Council (BK) of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) will form the Ethic Council Forum Communication of Parliament, in addition BK DPD RI prepare a strategic program for strengthening the DPD RI. It was expressed by Mervin Sadipun Komber, Chairman of BK accompanied by Hendri Zainudin, Vice Chairman of BK and Leonardy Harmainy, BK members in a press statement to the media, in Meeting Room of BK DPD RI, Senayan Building Jakarta. Friday (20/10).

"The complaint process submitted to our Ethic Council needs to have its ordinances to be arranged properly, ranging from the process of incoming complaints until the process of administration continued with the process of discussion in BK. Procedures of BK is required to take a definite attitude in addressing a case, and requires different approaches, "said Mervin, Senator of West Papua.

Hendry Zainudin, Vice Chairman BK added that BK plans to create the Ethic Council Forum Communication to accommodate complaints and consultations from all ethic council agencies in the regency or city to consult to BK DPD RI.

"So later the Honorary Parliamentary bodies in each region whether provincial, regency / city can consult with us in BK DPD RI. In addition, there should be changes in current Code of Conduct of DPD, we are making a new one to refine the old one, "added Hendry

Here are the strategic programs of BK DPD RI:

1. Reimbursement of Rules of Procedure of Ethic Council of DPD RI which will accommodate more the progress of case and handling which has been done by BK DPD RI. Reimbursement of BK DPD RI Procedure will contain the substance of the Ethics Committee whose members are internal members of DPD RI, a rehabilitation process that will clarify the process of restoring the good name of Members, final and binding legal products of BK DPD RI, and will further clarify the legal product BK DPD RI whether it is the Decision or Decree;

2. Improvement of DPD RI Regulation on Standing Orders and Code of Conduct that will be in accordance with existing laws and regulations;

3. Establishment of an Advisory Council Forum of Honor which will become a forum for the Board of Ethic Council of Indonesia to unite the vision and mission in carrying out the task of maintaining the dignity and honor of members and institutions;

4. Implementation of joint meeting between the Ethic Council with all the Leadership of DPD RI organs to discuss the discipline of members who must be improved as a form of accountability to the people who have entrusted to carry constitutional duties.

20 Oktober 2017