The Urgency of Geological Bill for Mining Activities in Indonesia


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The need for updated data / information on exploration in Indonesian mining activities is one of the notes of the Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU) of Committee II of DPD RI with Indonesian Economic Geology Society (MGEI) in Building B DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/04/2017).

This hearing which discusses the material inventory of Geological Bill in the theme of the role of Geology in the Indonesian mining world also draws the conclusion of the need for strengthening the authority of the Geological Agency under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

"The stakeholder views in the inventory of Geological Rules must also be supplemented with academic texts to become the DPD RI initiative bill. The existence of opposition in the community about environmental degradation is due to mining activities, but if it is used properly then the exploration of mining activities will be a fundamental factor in the welfare of society ", explains Vice Chairman of Committee II, Aji Muhammad Mirza

Arif Zahdi as Chairman of MGEI explains that so far there has been no valid data / update on the wealth of natural resources in mining activities. Indonesia is a country between two oceans and two continents that actually have positive and negative sides.

"Our country has abundant natural wealth because it lies between two tectonic plates but also causes our country to be prone to disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic activity, for example the eruption of volcanoes in Indonesia. A form or mechanism of mining participation  / exploration companies is required to play a role in disaster management. The existence of mining companies that are recklessly doing their activities can actually lead to disasters ", he explains

At the end of the meeting, Aji Muhammad Mirza insists that a regulation is to create a state body, so that all investments and infrastructure would not clash with the existing Geological potential. In addition, this Geological Bill will not only regulate about oil or coal alone but regulate groundwater and others so that it will be a strong legal umbrella. (Ast)

18 April 2017