Create Safe Transportation, the DPD RI Discussed Changes to the LLAJ Law


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI held a Public Hearing (RDPU) with the Directorate General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation to discuss the Amendment Bill on Act No. 22 Year 2009 concerning Road Transport Traffic. In the Hearing, Committee II conducted an inventory of problems in the field of transportation to be included as material for the Bill. One area highlighted by Committee II is about comfort and safety for the community as consumers of online transportation.

In the Public Hearing held on Tuesday (14/5), Chairman of Committee II DPD RI, Aji Muhammad Mirza Wardana, said that currently the community's need for online-based transportation is very high. In addition to prices that are considered cheaper, online transportation provides easy access to bookings. It's just that he thinks there are still several sectors that have not been regulated in law, one of which is two-wheeled public transportation, or motorcycle. At present only four or more wheeled transportation has been regulated by law as a mode of public transportation. Even though people who use two-wheeled transportation modes are also very high.

"We must not let things go without rules. All must go by the rules. I think the problem is actually not difficult to make rules. So that we can account for the security of this two-wheeled online transportation, "said the DPD member from East Kalimantan Province.

Meanwhile, the Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD RI, Charles Simaremare, said the law regarding LLAJ must be changed to adjust the times. The law must be developed and adapted to the potential and role of transportation in realizing security, welfare, order in national transportation.

"One of the effects of the development of digital technology is the emergence of online transportation. And now the number of accidents due to motorists' negligence is still high. Even the registration and quality standards of road transport drivers still have problems, "Charles said.

On the same occasion, Member of Committee II from West Sulawesi Province, Rev. Marthen, requested that the law relating to transportation must always be able to follow the development of the era. Nowadays technological developments are accelerating, as a result of which many new transportation businesses have emerged, such as online-based transportation, as well as different modes of transportation, for example driverless cars that are being developed overseas. The transportation law must be able to predict the development of this technology, so that in the future it will not stutter in the face of transportation developments.

"We must anticipate the fast-developing technology. We have to make laws that not only can be used for this year and next year, but also for the future, it must be futuristic, "he said.

14 Mei 2019