Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Regional Legislation Affairs Committee (PULD) of DPD RI received a visit from the Pamekasan DPRD in the context of consultations related to increasing insights for the effectiveness of the performance and acceleration of the tasks and functions of the DPRD. The meeting which took place in the PULD Meeting Room, Building A of DPD RI, Parliament Complex of Senayan, Tuesday (30/4/19) was led by PULD Member of DPD RI, Abdul Qadir Amir Hartono.

Abdul Qadir explained that the DPD RI has the authority to monitor and evaluate the regional regulations draft (ranperda) and regional regulations (perda) according to the mandate of Acr Number 2 Year 2018 concerning the Second Amendment to Act Number 17 Year 2014 concerning the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD.

"To follow up on that, DPD RI formed a new instrument, namely PULD to review and examine findings of monitoring results of regional regulations draft and regional regulations in various regions. In addition, PULD will also issue recommendations regarding the evaluation of regional regulations and the drafts, "he said.

The Chairperson of the Regional Regulatory Agency (Bapempeda) of the Pamekasan DPRD, Andy Suparto, explained that each regional regulations should be consulted with DPD RI. This is because DPD RI is the legislator and is involved in the process of ratifying the law. So, DPD RI must understand the real conditions of policy implementation in the region.

"Regarding the authority of PULD, there should be a review and analysis of studies on regional regulations. This is the first time we have consulted with PULD, even though we have consulted and harmonized a year, but even then for the governor, even though the governor acts only as a translator from the central government, also DPR and DPD RI that compile the law, "he explained.

The Pamekasan DPRD delivered a number of regional regulations which were deemed necessary to be reviewed, including the regulation on the implementation of regional autonomy.

30 April 2019