Jakarta - DPD RI encourages the masterplan of waste management in the region. The lack of a good waste management system in the region makes the garbage accumulate and become a burden for the environment. Through a good waste management, waste can be processed into energy.

During Consultation Meeting of Committee II with Director General of Pollution Control and Environmental Damage Ministry of Environment and Forestry, M.R Karliansyah; Assistant Deputy Minister for Infrastructure of Mining and Energy Ministry of Economy Maritime, Yudi Prabangkara; The Chairman of Implementation Committee of Priority Infrastructure Priority Initiative (KPPIP), Wahyu Utomo and Head of Jakarta Environment Agency, Isnawa Adji, on last Tuesday (1/8), Chairman of Committee II, Parlindungan Purba stated that the presence of masterplan in waste management in the region is able to produce Energy that can be utilized by the community resulting from waste processing.

"The problem of the amount of waste that reaches 64 million per year, requires each region to have a waste handling masterplan. So the problem of waste can be overcome as well as get added value by the processing of waste into energy, "he said.

Furthermore, Senator from North Sumatra also emphasized that to realize the masterplan of waste handling requires a strong commitment from regional government. One way is to build a Waste Power Plant (PLTSa). The existence of PLTSa is to manage the waste load into energy that is currently still needed by the community in the region.

"DPD RI will perform its function to support and supervise the acceleration of development of PLTSa program. And as one of the major cities and capital of the country, DKI Jakarta will be used as a pioneer in the program, "concluded Parlindungan Purba.

The same thing was also conveyed by Prof. Dr.Dailami Firdaus as Senator of DKI Jakarta who stated that waste in DKI Jakarta has exceeded the threshold. Therefore, infrastructure is needed to manage the waste so it will not become a burden for DKI Jakarta. Therefore, DKI Jakarta will be a pioneer in infrastructure development in the form of waste management into energy in the form of PLTSa. To overcome this waste problem, the Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) will be made in 4 locations in DKI Jakarta that will manage waste into energy. Furthermore, the Senator of DKI Jakarta also proposed the Government, DKI Government and DPD DKI to create a team related to the manufacture of masterplan on the waste handling program.

"For DKI, it is urgent to find a way out for waste. The amount of waste in Jakarta can reach 7000 tons per day. There should be a way out, therefore DKI Jakarta can be used as a pioneer in this program, "he said.

Closing the consultation meeting, Parlindungan Purba said that DPD RI encourages the masterplan program to handle waste to be realized by the end of 2018. In addition, DPD RI also encourage the government to immediately improve the Presidential Regulation no. 18/2016 and requests the Government to issue a Circular Letter on how to deal with waste in other cities besides the eight pilot project cities namely DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Tangerang, Semarang, Surakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, and Denpasar. (Vic)


01 Agustus 2017