DPD RI: State Must Strengthen Effort to Combat Terrorism


Surabaya, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) asked the State organs to strengthen efforts to prevent and eradicate terrorism in the country.

Bombing in Three Churches in Surabaya Sunday morning (13/05) that killed at least 13 people and injured dozens indicate that terrorism has become a very serious threat to humanity and the future of NKRI.

This was stated by Chairman of DPD RI Dr. H Oesman Sapta in a press release Sunday (13/5).

According to Oesman, the State's security organs must maximize the potentials available to prevent terrorism. "There are Polri, BNPT, BIN and we also have TNI. The state needs to maximize everything," said Oesman.

Chairman of DPD RI also appealed to the community to further strengthen unity and not fragmented because of this terrorism act. "We must strengthen the unity, the people should not be easily attracted to various issues and irresponsible information," he said.

Oesman also strongly condemned all acts of terrorism, whatever the motives and background. Oesman called suicide bombings in three churches in Surabaya as a cowardly act. "DPD RI condemns the violence perpetrated by these cowardly terrorists," he said.

To all the families of victims, DPD RI also expressed deep condolences on the disaster that is being experienced. "We are grieving over this incident. May the victims' families be steadfast and patient in facing this disaster, "he said.

Oesman also asserted DPD RI to fully support the efforts of the Police and the TNI to investigate quickly and thoroughly the incident, and reveal the motives, patterns, and movements that exist behind the event.

Chairman of DPD RI also reminded all the elements of the nation's importance to uphold Pancasila and implement the whole in everyday life as a way to prevent and fight all forms of radicalism and terrorism.

"It is time for all elements of the nation, all citizens to work together to carry out Pancasila and reject various forms of efforts to divide the nation," he said.

13 Mei 2018