Haji Uma: Ministry of Home Affairs Should Not Carelessly Agree to Four Aceh Singkil Islands to Become North Sumatera Region


Lhokseumawe, dpd.go.id - Member of Committee II DPD RI from Aceh, H. Sudirman alias Haji Uma requested that the Ministry of Home Affairs should not carelessly agree to the North Sumatera Province's unilateral claim on the four islands which constitute the Aceh Singkil region of Aceh Province namely Panjang Island, Lipan Island, Mangkir Besar Island and Mangkir Kecil Island into the Central Tapanuli region.

This was conveyed by the senator from Aceh to the media on Tuesday (11/08/2018), addressing the entry of four islands in the Aceh Singkil Regency, Aceh Province into the zoning plan for coastal areas and small islands (RZWP-3-K) of North Sumatera Province .

"I have communicated with the Deputy Regent of Aceh Singkil who acknowledged the claim sticking out at the Ministry of Home Affairs' border boundary issue meeting. We regret this, especially if the Ministry of Home Affairs gives a green light. Because it will harm Aceh and trigger potential regional border conflicts. ", Haji Uma said irritably.

According to Haji Uma, when the claiming of Singkil Aceh region by North Sumatera was sticking out, he had met Nur Marpaung, North Sumatera Deputy Governor beforehand at the Central KONI Office (11/28/2017). At that time, the previous North Sumatra Deputy Governor had stated that the North Sumatera Provincial Government had revised its boundaries.

But apparently, efforts to claim this region continued. Even the information obtained by Haji Uma from the Aceh Singkil Sub-dept., Sazali, is known that North Sumatra has included four islands in Aceh Singkil into its territory since 2009. In this case, Haji Uma also appreciated the attitude of the Aceh Singkil Vice Regent who firmly rejected the entry of the island in Aceh Singkil in the Tapanuli Tengah region at a meeting on regional boundaries in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Haji Uma himself in an effort to follow up on this issue, has communicated with the Vice Chairwoman of the House of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, Prof. DR. Damayanti Lubis who is a senator from North Sumatera Province. This was welcomed with a meeting plan later to discuss this issue. According to Haji Uma, Prof. Damayanti herself is committed to this problem and will convey this to the Governor of North Sumatera and North Sumatera Bappeda in the meeting for the next two days.

"I have discussed this with the Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI who is a senator from the North Sumatera Province and we plan to discuss this issue in Jakarta in the near future. In addition, the Vice Chairwoman also plans to deliver this during the meeting with the Governor and Head of Bappeda. in the near future, "said Haji Uma.


08 November 2018