Parlindungan Purba: The Tobbaco Affairs Bill is Purely a Trade Problem


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "The Tobbaco Affairs is purely a trade problem", explains Parlindungan Purba as the Chairman of Committee II DPD RI in Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU) with Indonesian Tobacco Farmers Association (APTI) on the preparation of Inventory List that related to the preparation of views and opinions of DPD RI on the Bill of Tobbaco Affairs held in the 3rd floor, Building B DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (17/04/2017).

"The Tobbaco Affairs Bill is the initiative proposal of DPD RI and Committee II DPD RI to encourage Indonesian tobacco to be exported abroad and encourage verified products from tobacco not only for cigarettes" adds this Senator of North Sumatera

Daryati Uteng also adds that the tobacco problem is a dilemma for the government and us all. Because tobacco is a raw material of cigarettes which is a major contributor to the country's income and has a negative impact on health.

"On the other hand, the tobacco farmers are troubled when tobacco prices was played by the middlemen, hopefully this bill can accommodate tobacco farmers and the welfare of farmers," adds this Senator of Jambi.

On the occasion, APTI, represented by Suseno, explains that the tobacco affairs bill must be regulation and regulate the tobacco trading and the protection of farmers and tobacco workers.

"There is concrete protection and incentives for farmers, so farmers will improve their products. In addition, the government must attend and supervise price, traders, and others for farmers ", says Suseno

At the end of the meeting, Suseno explains that the clarity of this bill should underline the restrictions on tobacco planting and clear partnerships with merchants, vendors, and large corporations. (Ast)

17 April 2017