DPD Supports BNN in a War on Drugs


Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The House of Regional Representatives (DPD)RI conduct a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) as a commitment to the seriousness of DPD RI in the eradication and the fight against narcotics. It is conducted by Chairman of DPD RI, Mohammad Saleh accompanied by Vice Chairmen of DPD and Chairman of Committee III with the head of BNN, Commissioner General, Drs. Budi Waseso, SH in Nusantara V Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (03/09/2017).

Head of BNN along with Deputy of Prevention BNN Drs. Ali Djohardi Wirogioto, SH, Deputy of Community Empowerment BNN, Drs. Sobri Effendy Surya, Deputy of Eradication BNN Drs. Arman Depari, Deputy of Law and Cooperation BNN, Drs. Arief Wicaksono Sudiotomo, Deputy of Rehabilitation BNN, dr. Diah Setia Utami, Sp. KJ., MARS, Principal Secretary, Drs. Gatot Subiyaktoro, Main Inspector, Drs. Wahyu Adi, SH., M.Si and other BNN officials attended the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Committee III DPD RI and BNN as a token of appreciation to the senator who has supported BNN efforts in combating narcotics.

"We extend our thanks and appreciation to DPD RI. MoU is a form of seriousness, a real determination shown DPD RI in supporting the eradication of narcotics as well as responding to the nation emergency situations of narcotics. This cooperation is a great opportunity and potential to be pursued in concrete in the eradication of narcotics up in areas of Indonesia, "says Buwas (nickname head of BNN) in his speech.

"BNN will continue to support DPD in the administration and distribution of information publicity, anti-narcotics campaign, so that the public never misuse narcotics. We hope DPD can cooperate in the field of prevention, misuse or eradication of narcotics. Let's continue to fight together to make Indoneisa free of drug,"hopes Buwas.

Chairman of DPD RI states that the MoU is a form of DPD seriousness against the war on narcotics. "DPD RI appreciates BNN achievements during 2016, on the other hand it invites concerned that Indonesia is a potential market for international networking. Hopefully, the MOU can build synergy to combat narcotics. DPD as organizations and individuals will fully support BNN," says Mohammad Saleh. (Ank)

09 Maret 2017