Do Not Let the People Fear of Taking the Ships


Jakarta, July 5, 2018-A successive accident that sank two ships in the Indonesian waters of the Motor Vessel (KM) Sinar Bangun in Lake Toba and Ferry Lestari Maju which serves the crossing to Bira Port, Bulukumba to Pamatata Harbor, Selayar Regency, South Sulawesi last month has been a stern warning for all stakeholders, especially institutions related to water transportation and ferry transportation at the Central as well as in the area to evaluate the total passenger safety and security system and regulation. If there is no concrete steps from the Government, it is feared that people will be afraid of using water transportation.

"We are still grieving by the tragedy at Lake Toba, now we must be faced with the tragedy of the sinking of the ships in Sulawesi waters. The government should evaluate the total system and regulation of passenger safety and security, because there must be something wrong with the implementation of water transportation and transportation of our crossing. Do not let the people afraid to board the ship, because this will harm us all. We are an archipelagic country, most people rely on water transportation, "said Chairwoman of Committee III DPD RI Fahira Idris, at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (5/7).

Fahira revealed the tragedy that occurred in Lake Toba and the calamity that hit the Ferry Lestari Maju, not only left deep wounds and trauma for the families of the victims, but also by people in various parts of Indonesia who rely on water transportation in their daily activities.

"I deplore the dismissal of the searching process for the corpse in Lake Toba stopped. Because the only hope of the family is to bury the bodies of their victim relatives as much as possible. I hope the Government grasp this psychological effect. Take a really concrete action so that accidents like this do not happen again. Restore public confidence that our water transportation mode and freeway transportation, safe and comfortable, "said this DPD RI member of Jakarta.

According to Fahira, President Jokowi's instruction that those events occurring in Lake Toba should not happen again, but it was not fully implemented by stakeholders in the field of transportation. The Jokowi Government Jargon that wants to make Indonesia a maritime axis of the world should show significant progress towards the implementation of water transportation and freight transport, not the other way around. No matter how well prepared infrastructure is, it will not be meaningful if the passenger safety and security systems and regulations are not steady.

"The desire to make Indonesia a maritime axis in the world will never be realized, if this nation has no commitment and concrete actions to make water transportation and ferry transportation into 'first class' transportation modes both in terms of infrastructure, regulation and security standards," concluded Fahira. #

05 Juli 2018