Special Committee of MD3 Act Is Targeted to be Finished in the Upcoming April


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Special Committee of the Rules of Procedure of MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD 3) is targeting the completion of MD3 Act revisions to be completed within 30 days and ratified in the upcoming Plenary Session on next April.

The Chairman of the Special Committee for the MD3 Act, Ajiep Padindang, explained that the committee has 30 days to review the articles contained in the revision of the MD3 Act, specifically related to the duties and functions of DPD RI.

Ajiep explained, the committee of MD3 DPD RI will re-affirm the participation of DPD in every discussion of the bill. Particularly related to the duties and functions of DPD namely regional autonomy, central and regional relations, the establishment, expansion and merging of regions.

"This committee is expected to achieve its objective to include the strengthening of duties and functions of DPD RI," he explained in a meeting with Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono said the Special Committee of MD3 has a very short time to complete the task. For that, he hoped the deadline until March 14, 2018 can be used to the maximum.

"This committee will work for 30 days, a very short time. This means the committee must work hard so that the results can be submitted in the plenary session on next April, "said Nono.

This special committee plans to invite a number of state observers to provide input related to the MD3 Act. The Special Committee of MD3 DPD RI is led by Ajiep Padindang (Chairman), Gede Pasek (Vice Chairman) and Fahira Idris (Vice Chairwoman).

This committee consisted of Parlindungan Purba (North Sumatera), Dedi Iskandar (Norths Sumatera), Intsiawati Ayus (Riau), Leonardi Armainy (West Sumatera), Akhmad Muqowam (Central Java), Budiono (East Java), Adrianus Garu (NTT), Novita Anakotta (Maluku ), Basri Salama (North Maluku), Mervin Sadipun Komber (West Papua). * Tho / dhit

07 Maret 2018