K-2 Honorarium Worker Forum Conveyed Their Worries to BAP DPD RI


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Public Accountability Committee (BAP) of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) again received an audience of the K-2 Honorarium Worker Forum from almost all of Indonesia in the submission of aspirations related to the issue of the Category 2 (K-2) Honorarium Worker. The audience was received by Ahmad Sadeli Karim, Vice Chairman of BAP with members of BAP in Building B DPD RI Senayan-Jakarta, Wednesday (6/12/2017).

Titik Purwaningsih as the Chairman of the K-2 Honorarium Worker Forum said the data of K-2 honorarium employees is already in BKN and already meets the criteria and requirements as civil servants. However, according to BKN, the selection performed on the K-2 Honorarium Worker is not competent and not linear. The point lamented that K-2 employees are abandoned whereas K-1 employees have been appointed when they have the same legal umbrella.

"We have no place to complain, therefore we complain to DPD RI as a place to solve the problem without any problems. K-2 exists in the field of health, education, security and others. We ask the BAP to recommend the government to appoint all K-2s to civil servants without age limit. By accepting our aspirations, it has been a tremendous appreciation. We hope BAP can summon Atate Minister for Control of Machinery of the State (MenPAN-RB), "asked Titik.

Responding to the aspiration of K-2, Ahmad Kanedi, Senator of Bengkulu stated that not only doing the struggle with BAP, but also making approach to head of region to propose K-2 become civil servant. "Basically we will be together to fight and DPD will continue to fight, K-2 struggle is our struggle," said Bang Ken, Ahmad Kanedi’s nickname.

The Chairman of BAP DPD RI, Ahmad Sadeli Karim concluded that the the hearing was recorded and will be followed up. Next, it will be discussed this with the Chairman of DPD RI to send a letter to the president related to the issue of K-2 Honorary Workers, and called MenPAN-RB, to get a solution to this problem. (ank)

06 Desember 2017