The Effectiveness of State and Regional Wealth Management: Case Study of Governance of Bung Karno Regional Complex


Jakarta, dpd.go.id-- Clarification Review Division, Center for Policy and Legal Studies of DPD RI, held a Final Report of Short Research Study by inviting several researchers and reviewers in PPUU Meeting Room, 3rd Floor, Building B DPD RI, Kompleks Parliament Senayan, Jakarta (9/11/2017).

The title of this short study is "Evaluation Study of Legislation to Realize Effectiveness of State and Regional Wealth Management (Case Study of Governance of Bung Karno Stadium Complex)" which is the work of researchers; Dr. Nurliah Nurdin, MA, Dr. Megandaru W. Kawuryan, M.Si and Alma'arif, S.IP., MA.

"This brief study is intended to provide a breakthrough on the evaluation of regulation about the pattern of central and local relations as prescribed so far," said Megandaru amid his short exposure.

According to him, based on the result of the research, it can be concluded that the Bung Karno Complex Area Governance still has some fundamental obstacles such as institutional aspect which is full of patron client, the aspect of work area which is related with working area of DKI Jakarta Province, funding aspect that can come from regional government but it can not intervene in regional management policies, as well as overlapping aspects of spatial and regional arrangements.

Megandaru added that the future of Bung Karno Stadium Complex can be done in 2 (two) stages. The first stage can be done by establishing institutional coordination between central and regional institutions whose financial management can be done cost sharing and revenue sharing.

"When a coordinating body is established, it can move with the establishment of a functional decentralized based government agency by granting authority to stakeholders of GBK service user as practiced by some developed countries in the management of special areas", explained Megandaru

Yayat Supriatna as reviewer gave a review of the research results, by giving advice to be more deeply reviewed basic legal issues or legislation in accordance with the existing title.

Meanwhile, Venty Eka Satya who is also a reviewer said that she did not find problems on the research. Research problem is very important because it becomes the reference or something that moves researchers to conduct research. (nis)

09 November 2017