DPD RI Determined the Leadership of the Organs


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The 3rd Plenary Session of DPD RI for Year 2018-2019 has a single agenda, namely Determination of the Leadership Organs. The Plenary Session, chaired by the Chairman of DPD RI Oesman Sapta, the Vice Chairmen of DPD RI Nono Sampono, Darmayanti Lubis, and Akhmad Muqowam, determined as many as 10 leaders of DPD RI Organs.

"Elections are carried out in accordance with the procedures we agree on, and have taken place in an orderly, smooth and democratic manner," said Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono during the Plenary Session at Nusantara V, Jakarta, Tuesday (28/8).

Nono Sampono hoped that the election and ratification of the leadership of DPD RI Orhans will improve the performance and spirit of the struggle of DPD RI as regional representatives. Where according to him every member of DPD RI must be able to fight for development in their respective regions.

"We hope that with this election, the DPD Organs can be more optimal in carrying out constitutional duties as a form of our shared responsibility in carrying out the mandate and will further improve the performance of DPD RI in the future," said Nono Sampono.

Since the revision of the MD3 Act, changes in the number of leaders not only at the level of DPD RI leadership, but also in the leadership of DPD RI Organs. Where previously there were only three people, now there are four people in each Organs. From the results of the Organs leader election yesterday, there was a change of name that filled the position as Chairman of the Organs

The Chairman of Committee I was held by Senator of North Sulawesi, Benny Rhamdani with Fachrul Razi, Fahira Idris, Jacob Esau Komigi serving as Vice Chairmen. For Committee II, Senator of East Kalimantan Aji Muhammad Mirza Wardana served as Chairman, while the position of Vice Chairmen was filled by Parlindungan Purba, I Kadek Arimbawa, and Rev. Charles Simaremare. The Chairman of Committee III was held by North Sumatera Senator Dedi Iskandar Batubara, along with Abdul Aziz, Delis Julkarson Hehi, and Novita Anakotta as their representatives. While Senator of South Sulawesi, Ajiep Padindang, still serves as Chairman of Committee IV, with Vice Chairmen Ayi Hambali, Siska Marleni and Basri Salama.

For the House Committee (PURT), Maluku Senator Nono Sampono occupied the position of Chairman, with Budiono, Matheus Stefi Pasimanjeku, and Hardi Selamat Hood as Vice Chairmen. Papuan Senator Mervin Sadipun Komber served as Chairman of the Ethic Council, and the position of Vice Chairman of BK was held by Hendri Zainuddin, Oni Suwarman, and Abdul Jabbar Toba. For the Public Accountability Committee, Riau Senator Abdul Gafar Usman served as Chairman with Deputies held by Muhammad Idris S, Mamberob Y. Rumakiek, and Ahmad Nawardi. And for the Committee for Parliamentary Cooperation led by Senator of Central Java, GKR. Ayu Koes Indriyah, with Emma Yohanna, Adrianus Garu, and Abdurachman Lahabato as representatives.

In addition, DPD RI also has new equipment called the Regional Legislation Committee (PULD). The addition is in accordance with the mandate of Act Number 2 Year 2018 concerning the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD or MD3 Act. Where Bali Senator Gede Pasek Suardika will serve as Chairman, and the Vice Chairmen will be filled by Bahar Ngitung, Sofwat Hadi and Abdul Qadir Amir Hartono. (fan / ars)

28 Agustus 2018