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JAKARTA, dpd.go.id - Committee II DPD RI held a Hearing Meeting related to the realization of the concept of waste to energy, through the acceleration of Waste Power Plant (PLTSa) on Wednesday (4/7). PLTSa is considered to be a solution to the garbage problem that becomes burden in the region. Where PLTSa must have environmentally friendly technology in processing waste into the energy needed by the community.

According to the Chairman of Committee II DPD RI, Parlindungan Purba, Committee II DPD RI is committed to support the acceleration of Development of Waste Processing into Electricity Based Eco-Friendly Technology based on Presidential Decree No. 35 Year 2018 (Waste to Energy) to reduce and improve waste management for public health. Parlindungan Purba added that PLTSa with the concept of waste to energy can be useful as a solution to waste and energy problems in the community.

"Committee II DPD RI is committed to support the acceleration of Development Program of Waste Processing Installation into Electricity Energy with Environmental Technology Based as stated on Presidential Regulation No. 35 Year 2018 (waste to energy) to reduce and improve waste management for public health," he said.

This senator from North Sumatera explained that to realize the acceleration of PLTSa, it takes commitment of all parties, whether it is central government, local government, or related institutions, including PLN.

"Utilization of renewable energy sources for the provision of electricity can be realized through integrated cooperation from the central government and local government and other related parties from upstream to downstream waste processing," he added.

Similarly, Senator from Aceh Province, Sudirman, explained that the concept of waste to energy treatment can be realized if there is strong synergy in the region. According to him, the development of waste to energy is hampered by the lack of good understanding and cooperation between the related parties.

"One important note that we feel in the region, no other synergy and seriousness efforts. PLN said it will buy (energy) when it is ready. We hope that there will be an encouragement from PLN. In the regions, frequently between the energy developers and PLN is not synergy. There is unused energy, related to contract prices, "he said.

Meanwhile, Senator from Central Java Province, Denty Eka Widi, advised that waste processing technology into energy must be considered as a way not to produce new problems. He also highlighted the unfinished development of PLTSa in the region due to several factors.

"Actually the city of Semarang is ready with the implementation of it. But in some places it was being delayed. Is it because the rules hampered, or why? Because there are many factors that must be met, such as burning must be perfect, so as not to become a residue and not a new problem, "said Denty.




04 Juli 2018