Jordan, dpd.go.id - The visit of Committee III of DPD RI delegation on 2nd to 7th of June 2018 in the framework of evaluating the implementation of Act No.18 Year 2017 on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI), has increased the potential of sending Indonesian workers to Jordan. The delegation led by Hj Fahira Idris visited the Griya Singgah Embassy in Amman and held dialogue with several stakeholders in the field of manpower including the Anti Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) and NGO - Tamkeen, in an effort to increase the PMI protection in Jordan.

In addition the entourage also visited one of Jordan's largest garment industry. In the meeting with the Director of the company, it is said that Indonesia has many skilled workers in the garment sector. The skilled workers have attended the training which is confirmed by the competency test from the Government Training Center.

"In the field of garment Indonesia has a lot of skilled workers scattered in various regions on the island of Java" she said in the meeting.

The visit of the delegation of the DPD RI is a follow up of the Ambassador of the Embassy of Indonesia meeting with the Jordanian Garment Employers Association initiated by the ILO - Better Work Jordan. The garment industry is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors and continues to require skilled workers in the garment field. The number of skilled workers in this industry sector is approximately 70,000, with a proportion of 75% being migrant workers and 25% of Jordanian workers.

Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Andy Rachmianto said that this is a potential opportunity for Indonesia. He said that to start the PMI delivery plan in this sector, it is necessary to formulate a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Indonesia and Jordan which later can also become legal umbrella for the sending of labor of other formal sectors.

"In the near future we will submit a draft MoU on the sending of formal Indonesian labor to the Minister of Labor" he said.

The first MoU between Indonesia and Jordan was signed in 2009, concerning the sending of PMI-PLRT to Jordan. With the enactment of the PMI-PLRT moratorium, through the Decree of the Minister of Manpower No.260 Year 2015 on the Termination and Prohibition of Migrant Workers on Individual Use in the Middle East Countries, the MoU is no longer valid.

The Labor Attaché, Suseno Hadi added that, in general, the job market potential in Jordan for formal Indonesian labor is considered very small, in line with the National Employment Strategy 2011-2020, which would have reduced the use of labor in other countries which will go to Jordan. However, in some industry sectors, including garment, the need for skilled labor continues to increase in line with the development of this industry.

07 Juni 2018