Budget Office of DPD RI Holds Seminar on DAU


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Constitution mandates the establishment of deliberations or democratic representatives to realize the aspirations of the people and the region in accordance with the development of national and state life. The House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) as a state institution with responsibility, through the function of consideration and supervisory function, one of which is related to the central and regional finances get substantive support from the Budget and Budget Review of DPD RI as unit of study that provides academic input for the function of consideration and supervision of DPD RI, especially in terms of budget.

Associated with the function, the Budget Office of DPD RI held a seminar on the basic ideas of the transfer of regional funds with the theme of General Allocation Fund (DAU) in DPD RI Building, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (13/12/2017) .

"That the seminar was conducted with the aim to get substantive input for the Budget Office of DPD RI in preparing input into consideration of the state budget (APBN) on the principal thoughts of the preparation of the State Budget, especially General Allocation Funds that is definite and Fair", openned Ajiep Padindang as Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI which one scope of duties is the balance of central and local finance.

Director of State Budgeting of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Kunta Wibawa Dasa Nugraha who became one of the speakers said the purpose of transfer to the region and the village fund is to build Indonesia from the edge by strengthening the areas and villages within the framework of homeland according to President Jokowi.

"The General Allocation Fund (DAU) aims to minimize fiscal imbalances between regions, as well as to state the inter-regional fiscal capability so that each region has the same ability to conduct development and public services. It is directed that at least 25% of DAU and DBH for local infrastructure spending are directly related to the accelerated development of public and economic service facilities. The national DAU ceiling in the APBN is not final or may change according to changes in the Net PDN in the amendment of the current year's APBN. DAU is expected to become an instrument for better, effective and efficient APBD management ", added Kunta.

In line with what was delivered by Kunta Wibawa, LPEM Academician of University of Indonesia, Khoirunurrofik, Ph.D commonly called Rofik explained that the purpose of DAU is to improve the equitable distribution of financial capability between regions (as equalization grant) indicated by Williamson Index with the most optimal evaluate the weight of the Basic Allocation or the variable of fiscal needs and fiscal capacity with the direction of reducing fiscal imbalances between regions.

"The amount of ceiling for allocations for provinces and regencies / municipalities considers the burden of the affairs of each local government level, so that the ceiling allocation to the province is 13% and the regencies / cities are 87%," Rofik added.

Looking at the presentations, Senator from East Nusa Tenggara Province, Adrianus Garu asked the government to evaluate the infrastructure already built in the region. "Many projects in abandoned areas are built through the state budget. One example of the construction of the dock, since waking up to collapse no ship entry. I have asked Sri Mulyani's mother to evaluate it so that the state budget money is not redundant ". (sna)

13 Desember 2017