The Need to Revise DPD RI Rules of Procedure Regarding Regional Regulation Evaluation


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The authority of DPD RI to monitor and evaluate the Draft Regional Regulation (Raperda) and Regional Regulations (Perda) has its own challenges. With the new authority, DPD RI has to improvise the regional response.

"This is an opportunity for DPD RI to be supported by the community. This is important for DPD in realizing the role of the state for the region, "said Vice Chairman of Committee I Fachrul Razi during the national seminar  - Challenges of the DPD RI in Monitoring and Evaluating the Raperda and Perda - in GBHN Nusantara V Room, Jakarta, Wednesday (5/12).

According to him, the role of DPD RI is indeed limited but with the decision of the Constitutional Court related to evaluating the Regional Regulation listed in Article 249 points J of the MD3 Act. Providing new challenges for the DPD RI, "Surely this is the opportunity for the DPD to fight for regional interests," explained this senator of Aceh.

For that, he continued, the DPD RI must move quickly in fighting for regional interests. This means that in the near future, DPD RI will revise the Rules of Procedure (Tatib) relating to monitoring and evaluation of the Regional Regulation Draft (Raperda) and Regional Regulation (Perda). "First, we must immediately revise the Standing Orders related to monitoring and evaluation of the Raperda and Perda," said Fachrul.

According to Fachrul, when we conduct recess, we often get input regarding contradictory regional regulations. As a result, out of 34 provinces there are many regional regulations that are conflicted. "But where is the position of DPD RI? We have the task of sharing between the center and the region. "On the one hand, we want to reduce the burden of the center regarding so many regional regulations," he stressed.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of DPD RI Reydonnyzar Moenek argued that the authority of DPD in monitoring and evaluating Raperda and perda was mandated by the Act No. 2 Year 2018 concerning the Second Amendment to Act No. 17 Year 2014 concerning the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD (MD3) is very important. "This is a challenge for us in making legal products for the region," he explained.

Reydonnyzar added that for the past 14 years the DPD RI had continued to work to voice aspirations and fight for regional interests in the form of legal products. "So with this new authority, it keeps us trying to fight for regional interests through the Raperda and Perda," he said.

At the same opportunity, the Director of Regional Legal Products of the Indonesian Ministry of Home Affairs Sukoyo said that each year Perda reached 5120 with the assumption of one regency / city in one year 10 Perda. "This is where the role of DPD RI is monitoring and evaluating the Raperda and Perda that are so many in each region," he said.

Sukoyo noted that the technical formulation of the tasks of DPD RI in monitoring and evaluating the Raperda and Perda should not be conflicted with the Ministry of Home Affairs. "I hope that the monitoring and evaluation of the Raperda and Perda is not the same as the tasks that have been carried out by the Ministry of Home Affairs," he added.

In addition, the object of monitoring and evaluation is more focused on the draft regulation and evaluation regulations such as the regional budget, spatial plan, industrial zone, Raperda and Perda. "Surely those who get high attention from the community and community groups," Sukoyo said.



05 Desember 2018