To Develop Regional Potential, DPD RI Meet LKPP


Jakarta, dpd.go.id (3/9) - Committee II DPD RI encourage each region to register their superior products to an e-catalog owned by the Government Goods / Services Procurement Study Institute (LKPP). LKPP has an e-catalog system that can display products from various regions for sale nationally. Through the e-catalog, all groups of business actors in the region can market their products to develop regional economies.

In the  meeting of Committee II DPD RI with LKPP at LKPP Kuningan Office (3/9), Chairman of Committee II DPD RI, Aji Mirza said, many regions have products that have not been well marketed, as a result the products are less marketable. The existence of e-catalog is considered as a solution because it can display all categories of products on a national scale.

In line with Aji Mirza, Vice Chairman of Committee II, Parlindungan Purba said that LKPP can help realize regional development with a system of goods / services procurement through e-purchasing. He together with Committee II will socialize e-purchasing to regions as a way to register their products with LKPP.

"With LKPP, all potential in the region can meet the needs of regional economic growth. In the region, we can see what potential can be developed. And we agree that we will jointly carry out socialization in the region, "said this senator of North Sumatera  Province.

In addition, Parlindungan Purba believes that LKPP needs to socialize the legal realm of the system of procurement of goods / services in the region. Because according to him, in the area we sometimes found individuals who are considered "playing" in the procurement of goods / services. As a result, the procurement process for goods / services is not in accordance with procedures and sometimes it stops.

Parlindungan Purba added, LKPP must make an e-purchasing system not only on goods, but also through e-catalog services. So that regional companies that offer services can participate in offering their services at the national level.

"I encourage the services to be held. One way is through the Ministry of PUPR, because they often use services. I ask them to standardize (services), "he added.

Meanwhile, Senator of Central Java, Denty Eka Widi Pratiwi, advised that each regional head must be communicated to encourage business people in the region to register their products through LKPP. Because according to her, so far there are many quality regional products that have not been well promoted.

Meanwhile, Head of LKPP, Agus Prabowo, said the purpose of making e-catalogs was the efforts of LKPP in building a market for local businesses. E-catalog according to him is the concept of e-marketing. And he agrees if local products are registered in an e-catalog.

In addition, Agus hopes that the procurement of goods / services has its own legal umbrella. Because according to him all this time procurement in each government follows the state financial law regime. The existence of a separate legal umbrella can regulate the procurement of goods / services in a strong and firm manner.

"When the state spends some of its money in the form of goods and services, the Regulation is there. This is not ideal, in developed countries there are laws themselves. The effort to form a law has actually been in place since 2010. Already there is a prolegnas, there has been a draft, but the government has not agreed, especially who will be regulated. Then it wilt before even growing, "said Agus.

Responding to this, Chairman of Committee II Aji Mirza Wardana said that Committee II DPD RI had actually drafted the Goods / Services Procurement Bill and had been submitted to DPR. But until now there has been no definite development.

"We have drafted the Goods / Services Procurement Bill, and submitted it to the DPR, but now there is no news yet. We will push the bill again, "said Aji Mirza who is also a Senator of East Kalimantan and also represents North Kalimantan.

The meeting was also attended by Vice Chairman of Committee II DPD RI and Papuan Senator Charles Simaremare, NTB Senator Baiq Diyah Ratu Ganefi, Gorontalo Senator Rahmijati Jahja, Bengkulu Senator ahmad Kanedi, and Bangka Belitung Senator Bahar Buasan.

03 September 2018