Muqowam: It is Not the Time for the ASN Act to be Revised


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee I of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) held a hearing with the Chairman of the National Bureaucracy Reform Team Eko Prasojo and Professor of State Administration of Gadjah Mada University Miftah Toha, in order to gain views on the Revision of Civil State Apparatus Law (ASN). (7/10/2017)

Ahmad Muqowam as the Chairman of the Committee I DPD RI said that the meeting is made to press the opinion of Committee I, before finally submitted to DPR. But personally, Muqowan rated that the ASN Act is still too early to be revised. He reasoned, the Act was only passed in 2014.

According to Muqowam, the Act No. 5 Year 2014 on ASN should be made to prioritize the aspects needed to make ASN management professional in supporting government performance.

"The law itself is new, but it is planned to be revised, the government should be given the time to finalize the necessary Derivative Regulations to strengthen its laws, and see how far it goes, do not rush the revision, " said this Central Java Senator.

Miftah Thoha also said the same thing that revising it is feared will eliminate the merit system because the ASN supervision system like KASN will be deleted, it will degrade it now, there must be a neutral personnel management administration that take sides to the truth look at the competence, Neutrality and professionalism.

"The revision of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) Act should emphasize bureaucratic reform and ASN professionalism." asserted Miftah

Eko Prasojo, Former Deputy Minister for Administrative Reform of State-in SBY era stated that the spirit of ASN Act is a merit system. With such a system, ASN who served an important position must comply with standards of Neutrality, competence and professionalism.

"It's time to turn ASN into a high standard of profession, not just on the basis of political interests and groups in selecting and determining key positions in the ASN bureaucratic environment," he said. (Idr)



10 Juli 2017