BAP Focus to Follow Up the BPK Disclamer Opinion Against TVRI


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "We have received the submission of LH LKPP Year 2016, this should be our attention and focus to follow up the opinion of TVRI Broadcasting Institution that got disclaimer from BPK." this is conveys by Ajiep Padindang, Senator of South Sulawesi at the Plenum of BAP in the meeting room of Building B DPD RI, Senayan-Jakarta, Thursday, (08/06/2017).

"I support Mr. Ajiep's proposal that BAP should follow up the opinion of BPK to TVRI, since TVRI exists almost throughout the province," advises Leonardy Harmainy Dt. Bandaro Basa, Senator of West Sumatera who agrees on Ajiep's opinion.

The Plenum of the Public Accountability Committee (BAP) of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia discusses the Ratification of Meeting Schedule for Session V Year 2016-2017 and the report of Public Accountability Issues Result of BAP Member in the Electoral District, and Determination of BAP Analysis Team Schedule to the regions. The plenum is led by Abdul Gafar Usman Chairman of BAP, accompanied by Ayi Hambali and Novita Anakotta as Vice Chairmen of BAP.

The plenum decides to follow up on the Result of Audit of Central Government Financial Statement (LHP LKPP) Year 2016 against disclaimer opinion / TMP from the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) to TVRI Broadcasting Institution. While the schedule of BAP Analysis Team to the region as follow-up aspirations of the community / area is agreed on 15 up to 17 of June 2017 to the Province of South Sumatera and West Papua Province. (Ank)

08 Juni 2017