Issues of Women and Children Must Be in the Presidential Election Debate


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Of the five major themes of the Public Debate of the Candidate Pair (Paslon) of the President and Vice President of the 2019 Election, none of them will expressly discuss issues of women and children. Whereas for countries like Indonesia, empowerment of women and children is an integral or inseparable part of national development programs.

"As long as the issue of women and children is not a national development priority, during that time the wall will block the progress of this nation. No nation has advanced without a progressive women's empowerment program and a comprehensive child protection system. For this reason, the issue of women and children must be present in the presidential debate, "said Women and Children Activists who are also DPD RI Members Fahira Idris, in the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (11/1).

Fahira revealed, if you look at five debate themes, actually problems or issues surrounding women and children can be inserted in all themes. For the theme "Law, Human Rights, Corruption and Terrorism" for example, issues of women and children can be photographed related to the issue of the second candidate pair to the completion of the Bill on the Elimination of Violence against Women and political will in drafting and implementing a blue print for child protection that Indonesia does not yet have. 

The basis of her argument is that the number of violence against women and children is increasingly alarming. For example, throughout 2016 there were 259,150 cases of violence against women reported. This means that on average every day 710 cases of violence against women occur or every hour there are 30 cases of violence against women. This is a big problem.

Issues about women in the theme "Energy and Food, Natural Resources and the Environment, and Infrastructure" can be seen from the extent to which the commitment of the candidate pairs to hack all obstacles that prevent women from being fully involved in natural resource management starting from planning, implementation, to the impact of natural resource management.

"Many women, especially in villages, depend on natural resources. But due to the massive mastery of investors in the forestry sector, plantations, especially mining, women have lost their livelihoods because their access and control of natural resources just disappeared, "said the Jakarta Senator.

For the theme "Education, Health, Employment also Social and Culture", continued Fahira, of course the issue of women and children is very much be discussed. For health, stunting is obliged to be discussed in the debate and is the priority of any elected president. Because currently around 37% or nearly 9 million Indonesian toddlers experience stunting. The employment theme, besides the issue of migrant workers, also deserves to be discussed about the gap in the level of labor force participation between men and women, which continues to occur today.

The fourth debate entitled "Ideology, Government, Defense also Security and International Relations" can be discussed about efforts to increase the quantity and quality of women's political representation.

While the fifth theme is "Economic and Social Welfare, Finance and Investment also Trade and Industry", the discussion of economic and welfare issues is very much relevant to women's issues. For Fahira, the President in the future must understand that women are the key to the success of poverty alleviation.

"Without a concrete capacity building program for women and women's economic groups and a strong political will from the President to open access to economic resources for women, poverty alleviation will be hampered," concluded Fahira who re-nominated herself as the DPD RI member Candidate of DKI Jakarta electoral district. #




11 Januari 2019