Chairman of DPD RI Holds a Friendly Gathering with the Community of West Kalimantan in Jakarta


Jakarta - Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta  holds a friendly gathering or halal bihalal with the West Kalimantan Family Association (IKKB) at his residence, Kuningan, Jakarta (28/7)

On this occasion, Oesman Sapta, who is also the Senator of West Kalimantan, called his childhood friends one by one forward and introduced them to the guests.

Oesman Sapta recounted his childhood memory with his friends to the audience.

In his speech, Oesman Sapta said that although coming from various origins, ethnic groups and religions and there is the capital, all must be good migrants, who together built Jakarta and Indonesia.

"Gathering becomes important, halal bihalal only exist in Indonesia where various people in one frame stay together. It is mandatory for us to be proud and keep the integrity of state through this relationship," stressed Chairman of DPD RI.

In addition, the Chairman of DPD RI also emphasized that in moments like this the spirit of nationality must be continuously nurtured, the spirit of unity should be improved and all for the sake of the Indonesian nation in the frame of unity.

"All must unite despite of various tribes, religions, colors of skin and conscience but we frame it all in the spirit of unity and nationality," said Oesman Sapta.

Oesman Sapta also conveyed to always support the people of West Kalimantan and should be proud to bcome the people of West Kalimantan. The people of West Kalimantan should have a sense of being the people of West Kalimantan and become its best son even though living the overseas.

"My philosophy is friendship above all and never betray our friend," Oesman said.

Through this halal bihalal, Oesman Sapta also do not forget to pray for all the fellow of West Kalimantan to be great people useful for the region and for Indonesia.

Also present in halal-bihalal include members of DPD RI, members of the House of Representatives, Chairman of IKKB, Hilman Hamid, Chairman HKTI, Moeldoko, Raja Sintang and figures of West Kalimantan community in Jakarta. (Mas)



28 Juli 2017