Surabaya, July 9, 2018. The Committee III of the House of Regional Representative (DPD RI) in cooperation with the University of August 17, 1945 (Untag) Surabaya conducted a Legal Seminar on the Amendment of Act Number 14 Year 2005 regarding Teacher and Lecturer Actvat Graha Wiyata Campus Untag Surabaya, Monday, July 9, 2018.

The revision of the Teacher and Lecturer Act is expected to respond to the industrial revolution 4.0 characterized by the industry touching the virtual world, shaped human connectivity, machines and data. All is there where (internet of Things / IoT) that penetrated various fields, including education.

In addition, "the revision of the Teacher and Lecturer Act is expected to facilitate the improvement of competence, integrity, creativity, welfare of teachers and lecturers so as to prepare learners against the industrial revolution 4.0", said Committee III Chairwoman Fahira Idris in remarks of the validation test seminar. "Teachers and lecturers must be literate on science and technology", she said.

Fahira Idris added, "In the revision of the Teacher and Lecturer Act proposed by DPD, there are several strategic ideas such as the affirmation of teacher and lecturer income must be feasible, the central and regional government obligations strengthen fund allocation, the teacher capacity and lecturer based on information technology and the linearity of undergraduate education for teachers ".

The Seminar on Validity Test of the Revised Bill of Teacher and Lecture was attended by various provincial senators, Emilia Contessa (East Java), KH Syibli Sahabuddin (West Sulawesi), Rosty Uli Purba (Riau), KH Muslihuddin Abdurrasyid (East Kalimantan), HAM Iqbal Parewangi (South Sulawesi), Stefanus BAN Liow (North Sulawesi), H Abdurrahman Bakar Bahmid (Gorontalo) and Mervin Sadipun Komber (West Papua).

In the seminar which presented the speakers Prof.Dr.Abdul Gani Abdullah (Expert Team of DPD Revision of Teacher and Lecturer Act), Executive Secretary of Kopertis Region VII, East Java Provincial Education Office, PGRI East Java Secretary and Dipo Wahjoeno (Lecturer of Untag) followed by teachers and lecturers in East Java took place dynamicly.

There is an aspiration that the Revised Act on Teacher and Lecturer can be the entrance to problem solving. Such as the granting of regional authority to provide benefits for Non-Permanent Teachers (GTT), the provision of the use of information technology in the learning process, the regulation of teacher hiring, the distribution of teachers especially in remote areas, the increase of remuneration of teachers and lecturers and encouragement for each teacher and lecturer to be involved in professional organizations. In addition, seminar participants want the protection of teachers from practical political affairs through the provision of prohibition involving community organizations and political parties. Thus the teacher focus in fostering the nation's children.

09 Juli 2018