The 6th Plenary Session of DPD RI, Opening of Session II Year 2017-2018


Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The House of Regional Representative (DPD) RI held the Sixth Plenary Session of DPD with the agenda of Opening of Session II Year 2017-2018, Opening Speech of Session II Year 2017-2018 and Report of Working Visit (kunker) Results to the Electoral District. Plenary Session was led by Oesman Sapta Chairman of DPD RI accompanied by Nono Sampono and Darmayanti Lubis, Vice Chairmen of DPD RI at Nusantara V Building, Senayan-Jakarta, Monday (13/11/2017).

For the Opening of the Second Session Period 2017-2018, it was noted that all the organs must maximize the time available on schedule. Committee I, finalized the Bill on ASN, is also expected to follow the tripartite speaker on the Ethics of State Organizer Bill. In addition, the finalization of the results of supervision on Agrarian Reform, and the Village Law. Committee II discusses the opinion view of Palm Oil Bill, so there is no overlap with the Tobacco Affairs Bill. Committee II also supervises the Food Law and Aviation Law. Committee III conducts surveillance on narcotics, and Supervision of Hajj implementation in 2017, and discussion related to the Nursing Law to provide comprehensive input to the government. The Committee IV also carries out the discussion of Follow-up LHP BPK Semester I Year 2017, besides also to supervise the APBN, Central and Regional Balance, Cooperatives and BUMN."All the organs are expected to utilize the time effectively and efficiently in order to get maximum results as in accordance with the targets that have been determined," hoped Darmayanti Lubis, Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI in opening the 6the Plenary Session of DPD RI.

"Cases of delay in the administration of population such as Birth Certificate, E-ID card and other months and even a new year. Therefore, Committee I is expected to question its partners, the Minister of Home Affairs, "said Budiono, Senator of East Java in his report.

On that occasion, the results of working visit in the electoral districts on 13 of October to 12 of November 2017 are reported and summarized into the scope of the tasks and functions of four main organs namely:

1.    Committee I

  1. The Supervision on the Village Law has not gone well, there is no village funds difference between small villages and large villages.
  2. There are still many illegal levies in the management of land certificates;
  3. The urgency of the highly anticipated law on the archipelagic Regions;
  4. The socialization of regional elections in 2018 to be maximized because until now the management of E-ID card has not been running well.

2.    Committee II

  1. The increase in the Basic Electricity Tariff (TDL), which is still left with a number of problems, especially the revocation of subsidies for electricity users 900 VA increase in Basic Electricity Rate (TDL), which still leaves some problems, especially the revocation of subsidies for electricity users 900 VA;
  2. The basic infrastructure such as roads, toll roads, bridges, is still incomplete
  3. The waste management needs special attention because the capacity is not adequate.
  4. On the Supervision of Food Law, there is a  need for new land on food, it is expected to have self-sufficiency in food.

3.    Committee III

  1. On the Supervision of Hajj Implementtation, the waiting list of Hajj pilgrims to be prioritized to the elderly;
  2. The drug abuse that require the involvement of all parties;
  3. The Full Day School discourse should be re-matured because some regions prefer the six days of school.

4.     Committee IV

  1. The regions requested the government to optimize the cooperative back to become a pillar of the nation's economy.
  2. The implementation of Village Fund Management and monitoring to be transparent and tightened;
  3. There are still many cooperatives and UMKM in the region not yet aware of the Revolving Fund allocated by the Ministry of Cooperatives and UKM.

The Special Committee of Foreign Workers (TKA) tenure is extended once with a period of three months to complete the task of the Foreign Workers Committee. The 7th Plenary Session of DPD RI will be held on December 15, 2017 with the agenda of the Report of Task Force of Organs and Ratification of Decision of DPD RI and Speech Closure of Session II of Year 2017-2018. (ank)

13 November 2017