A year Anies: Jakarta Is More Comfortable For Small People


Jakarta, dpd.go.id 10 October 2018 - Soon or on next 16 October 2018, exactly one year Jakarta will be led by Governor Anies Baswedan. This year, one by one the campaign promises are fulfilled. Finally, despite the doubts of many people and being opposed by various forces, Governor Anies completed one of his major commitments to stop all reclamation projects in the Jakarta Bay. However, for this year, it must be admitted, it is the small people who are most affected by the Governor's policies and programs.

"The easiest way to assess the effectiveness and success of a leader is to see how the responses of small people or poor people, to the performance of their leaders. Small people are more honest in evaluating the current condition of Jakarta than the observer even the people's representatives. Anyone cannot argue that this year Jakarta is more comfortable for the small people, "said Senator or DPD member Fahira Idris, at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (10/10).

Fahira revealed that a leader must take sides and defend weak groups of people and weaken and strengthen those who are marginalized by a system and policies that do not have a dimension of social justice. According to Fahira, the era of street vendors and pedicabs were being chased, the eviction of urban villagers, and only making the small people as objects of development had ended and only became Jakarta's dark history.

In Jakarta at this time, continued Fahira, the governor was a leader for the collaboration of city dwellers who were empowered and became the subject of development. Not just an administrator who works without feeling and ignores the aspirations of the people below. Fahira was moved to see a governor whose performance was "celebrated" so enthusiastically by the small people of Jakarta, the Urban Poor People's Network (JRMK) and even rewarded with cone rice as gratitude.

"Once again I say, if you want to know about the changes in Jakarta, ask the small people, do not ask the observers, the representatives of the people, or those who have been supporting reclamation and consider the poor people of the city to be put behind high rise flats because considered disturbing scenery. I, as a senator, witnessed the great progress of Jakarta right now, "Fahira concluded, who again run for the Republic of Indonesia DPD in the 2019 Election. #


10 Oktober 2018