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The National Strategic Project as Targeted Until 2019


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "The State Asset Management Agency (LMAN) is a Public Service Agency (BLU) under the Directorate General of State Assets at the Ministry of Finance, established to support the optimization of state asset management. LMAN was formed to overcome the difficulty of land acquisition. LMAN is present because in the first 2 years the National Strategic Project (PSN) has faced difficulties in land acquisition, after LMAN is present, 7 months later the land acquisition can be done and PSN can run again", said Rahayu Puspasari who is the Director of LMAN in the hearing together with Committee IV DPD RI at Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (10/10/2017).

Rahayu added that the PSN in Perpres No.58 / 2017 includes 245 projects plus 2 programs with an estimated total investment value of Rp.4,197 T. PSN target until 2019 includes the construction of 1,000 km of toll roads aimed at improving connectivity and accessibility, development of 3,258 km railway line to increase the share of cargo rail transport by at least 5% and passenger transport of 7.5%, development of 65 dams and completion of 22 of them in the year 2019 with the aim of fulfillment of raw water needs, the guarantee of irrigation sources, supporting the supply of energy 142.57 MW through the use of dams for hydroelectric power plants (PLTA), to reduce the potential for floods with dams as water reservoir areas.

"The role of LMAN is very focused on land acquisition for PSN and the management of land acquisition assets. Land acquisition is no longer through Ministries / Institutions but through financing of investment with land financing schemes to PSN in which there is a division of roles involving KPPIP (Coordinator for Acceleration of Infrastructure Provision Priority), BPKP, Business Entity (Jasa Marga, Waskita, Hutama Karya and Trans Sumatera), P2T / KEM.ATR (Land Acquisition Officer). At the time of land acquisition we did not go to the field ", Rahayu concluded.

Responding to the presentation submitted by the Director of LMAN. Jhon Pieris, Senator of Maluku province questioned LMAN's responsibility. "Because the amount of money being managed is quite a lot, the financial responsibility of LMAN whether submitted to the Minister?", Asked Jhon Pieris.

On the other hand, Senator of West Java Province as well as Vice Chairman I of Committee IV DPD RI, Ayi Hambali asked. "What is the criteria for a project according to PSN?".

"We are coordinating with the financial regulator, recently there was a seminar where we proposed for monitoring and evaluation to see if it is feasible and we have BPKP filter to guarantee the governance land acquisition, we will be audited" replied Rahayu toward the question of Jhon Pieris.

"For the criteria of a project, it can be included in the PSN, this is purely the domain of KPPIP. However, we will try to answer that there are 3 criterias. First, the basic criteria for which the project should be included in the RPJMN / D (National / Regional Medium Term Development Plan). Secondly, it must be with spatial and territory, to ensure that it has the authority to the LG. Thirdly, strategic criteria covering must have contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP), there is interrelation of infrastructure sector, diversity of inter island distribution. From an operational point of view it is feasible if the project will build the regional economy ", responsed Rahayu to the question of Ayi Hambali.

On this occasion, Siska Marleni, Senator of South Sumatera Province as well as Vice Chairman II expressed thanks in South Sumatera there are 4 PSN. "I would like to thank you because there are 3-4 PSNs in Palembang included in PSN namely the construction of Palembang-Indralaya toll road, Palembang-Tanjung Api Api, Palembang-Jambi railway line, and LRT", said Siska Marleni.

Considering the authority of LMAN which is mandated to finance the procurement of National Strategic Project land, the Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padindang, Senator of South Sulawesi reminded LMAN to be careful.

Rahayu as the Director of LMAN asked for the help of DPD RI. "DPD, in this case, is the closest to the local community, if there is a problem on land acquisition, we hope to be facilitated, hopefully there will be no problems because the government is very pro-people to the compensation for land acquisition", Rahayu pleaded. (sna)

10 Oktober 2017