Darmayanti Lubis: Many Sinabung Refugee Children drop out of school


JAKARTA, dpd.go.id-The Mount Sinabung eruption, North Sumatera continues to steal the attention of stakeholders. Since 2010, Sinabung volcano has issued smoke and volcanic ash, then eight years have passed with a lot of losses that hit the local community, especially refugees.

"For this year, Mount Sinabung has remarkable activity. Of course, eight years have passed a lot of losses experienced by the community, especially for the one in the red zone that is harmful to the people's safety," said DPD RI Vice Chairwoman, Darmayanti Lubis when receiving the visit of Regent Karo, Terkelin Brahmana in Nusantara III Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Monday (4/6).

Darmayanti explained one more complicated issue is child education. The reason is that some children from Sinabung refugees have dropped out of school. "Psychologically they are all disturbed. This should be dealt with promptly," she said.

This North Sumatera senator said the majority of Karo people also rely on agriculture. But until now the plants in Karo are no longer productive. "Karo is very superior in its agricultural products. Now the plants there are no longer productive," she said.

Not only that, she added, the current eruption of Mount Sinambung also have an impact in the area outside the red zone. To that end, Darmayanti advised the central government to give serious attention to the eruption of Mount Sinabung.

"We also hope that the center can provide targeted assistance, so the ministry and institute's initial steps go down to conduct in-depth reviews. Until now there has been no studies so that the aid is not right on target, "said Darmayanti.

In the future, DPD RI plans to call the relevant ministries and institutions related to eruption of Mount Sinabung. "We will call the relevant ministries and agencies to prevent this problem from widening," Darmayanti said.

In the same opportunity, Regent Karo Terkelin Brahmana hoped that there could be a similar perception between DPD and DPR so that the problem of Mount Sinabung could be solved comprehensively.

"It means that with the request of Mrs. Darmayanti there is an in-depth study related to excellent assistance. Surely we will welcome the studies to achieve the right target, "said Terkelin.



04 Juni 2018