BAP Recommends Reactivation of Train Track for Semarang Tawang-Tanjung Mas


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "DPD supports the railway revitalization project, but the community also needs to be taken care of and not to feel aggrieved." This was conveyed by Abdul Gafar Usman, Chairman of BAP at a hearing held by Public Accountability Committee (BAP) House of Regional Representative (DPD) while facilitating the land dispute issue of Kampung Kebonharjo, Tanjung Mas, Semarang between PT. KAI and the community in Building B DPD RI Senayan-Jakarta, Thursday (05/10/2017). This hearing is a follow up on the working visit of BAP Analysis Team on September 21-23.

"The status of the land was originally a state land located in Kampung Kebonharjo, Semarang. For the current conditions there have been issued certificates totaling 3360 fields, and they are partially disputed land because it has entered as PT. KAI assets. Along with the government's program on the reactivation of the Tawang-Tanjung Mas Semarang railway line passing Kebonharjo residents, there are concerns regarding the curbing of PT.KAI assets and blocking the land. It becomes dillematic because the community is in the land and there is a right to the land for the construction of government projects. It is expected that the best solution is where the community is not harmed and the construction of the project runs," said Bambang Tri Suryo, Director General of Handling Land Use Problems Land and Space, Ministry of Agriculture and Spatial Planning (ATR).

Secretary General of the Ministry of Transportation, Sugihardjo confirmed that there is a construction of railway reactivation project from Semarang Tawang-Tanjung Mas as connection program between port and station because it has high efficiency value. Therefore, we take the step of development then work for trace done on both sides awaiting dispute settlement in Kebonharjo. We have allocated the budget but there is one obstacle regarding the legal basis. "Please provide a legal basis for making payments. We understand the condition of the community, but we request that this development is also quickly completed because the benefits are also for the community, " hoped Sugihardjo.

On the same occasion, Zaenal Arifin representing PT. KAI stated that the land is the land of KAI and he felt that this is a legal matter, so it must be settled legally.

Encep Sudarwan Director of State Property (BMN) of the Ministry of Finance mentioned that the land has become PT.KAI assets and is no longer listed on BMN. We do not have any record for it, so we submit it next to PT.KAI.

Wahyu Utomo, Deputy VI for the Coordination of Acceleration of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, said that the rehabilitation project of the Tawang-Tanjung Mas railway line is not included in Presidential Regulation No. 56 Year 2017 on the Handling of Social Social Impacts in the Framework of Land Provision for National Strategic Projects PSN) as the impact of Presidential Regulation No. 58 Year 2017 on Accelerating the Implementation of National Strategic Projects. It should be noted also, if following the perpres then the public only get compensation for four things: the cost of demolition of houses, mobilization, rental homes, and income loss allowance. When attributed to the amount we submit to the technical.

Bambang Sadono, Senator of Central Java revealed, "I am an eyewitness who saw the position of the land. PT. KAI never takes care of it and suddenly asks and willing to use it. Currently residents receive project development. Our problem is a reasonable compensation. In this regard, we propose DPD RI make a recommendation to the president for this project is declared Project National Strategy (PSN). If you wait for the court's decision then the condition of the community will be like this continues, and development is not running. "

At the end of the hearing, BAP Leaders concluded that DPD RI recommended the Government in this case Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Minister of Transportation, Minister of Agriculture and Spatial Planning, Minister of BUMN that oversees PT.KAI, Central Java Governor in order to provide adequate compensation and agreed on rehabiltivation project of Tanjung Tawang Subway Station Tawang-Semarang in accordance with Presidential Regulation No. 56 Year 2017 and Presidential Regulation No. 58 Year 2017. This problem was resolved within three months of completion process coordinated by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. (ank)

05 Oktober 2017