There is no reason for SITUNG to be stopped


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee I DPD RI Directly reviews the General Election Commission Information System (KITUNG) of the Indonesian Election Commission (KPU) and proves that there is no attempt by the KPU to intentionally benefit certain parties who contested in the 2019 Simultaneous Election. If there is a data input error, the percentage is not more than 0.05%. Therefore, Committee I DPD RI assesses there is no reason to close SITUNG and supports it to continue. This was carried out as a series of oversight tasks of the DPD RI on the implementation of the 2019 Simultaneous Election, at the KPU RI Building, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

Present at the work visit were Committee Chairman Benny Rhamdani, Chairman of KPU Arief Budiman, Chairperson of Bawaslu Abhan, Vice Chairmen of Committee I Jacob Esau Komigi, Fachrul razi, Members of Committee I Badikenita Sitepu, Eni Sumarni, Sofwat Hadi, Syafrudin Atasoge, Muhammad Idris

Chairman of Committee I DPD RI Benny Rhamdani stated that SITUNG is a proof of KPU's commitment to public transparency. Related to the issues that are developing in the media about SITUNG, there are indications that the system is designed to win the interests of certain parties. The DPD RI wants to ensure that all of this is not true through a working visit to the KPU RI in the context of monitoring the 2019 Concurrent Election.

"Through our visit to the KPU, the Chairman of KPU even demonstrated the use of SITUNG as a spirit of transparency in openness to the community and having the right to control, after seeing for ourselves we were convinced that SITUNG KPU was zero percent used for the benefit of certain parties. In fact, in the opinion of the senator from North Sulawesi, the parties requesting to close SITUNG will endanger democracy because they eliminate the matter of public control of vote counting information. And once again this is not an official result, this system is only for guidance and principles of openness, official results are still waiting until the manual counting stage is finished, "Benny said.

On this occasion, the Committee I DPD RI was invited by the Chairman of KPU to see first hand the Plenary Session of the Vote Calculation Recapitulation at the KPU, while also reviewing the KPU server room, and all KPU performance support equipment in the vote recapitulation.

Chairman of the KPU RI Arief Budiman explained that the SITUNG KPU had been used since the elections in 1999, 2004, 2009, 2014 so it was not a new system even though there were always updates in each implementation period.

"Once again we explain SITUNG is not an official result, only as information, the official result is a tiered manual calculation according to stages until it was announced 35 days after the election according to the law, we work independently without intervention for the sake of democracy in Indonesia," explained Arief.

In line with this, the Chairman of the Election Supervisory Body Abhan said the basis recapitulation mechanism was manual, and this must be understood by the public. Bawaslu escorts from the beginning of the implementation until the recapitulation which starting from the tps to the central level.

"Bawaslu is currently conducting a hearing to decide on every report that goes to us, but the name of the system must be running, it cannot be done if only report findings are used to stop the system of calculations carried out by the KPU," Abhan said.


08 Mei 2019