Committee II DPD RI Arranges the Food Sovereignty Bill


Jakarta, dpd.go.id (17/9) - The Committee II DPD RI held a Public Hearing (RDPU) on the inventory of materials for drafting the Bill on Food Sovereignty. The existence of the bill aims to realize food sovereignty in Indonesia. And with the existence of food sovereignty, Indonesia has food stocks that can meet national needs.

In the Public Hearing of Committee II with the Indonesian Employers' Association, GAPMMI, the Ministry of Industry, and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries at DPD RI Building on Monday (17/9), Senator of East Java Ahmad Nawardi said that Indonesia was still far from the Food Sovereignty. Where there are still many food imports carried out by the government. The government should focus on developing the domestic food sector.

"This bill is actually not anti-import, but how do we protect national food sectors. Both big and small, we should strengthen it, "he said. This bill is expected to become a law that can cover other related laws such as the Act No. 18 Year 2012 on Food, the Act No. 18 Year 2009 on Animal Husbandry, the Act No. 45 Year 2009 on the Amendment to Act Number 31 Year 2004 on Fisheries.

"This scoping is expected to facilitate the achievement of food sovereignty in Indonesia, and can even be used to meet food needs abroad," added Nawardi.

Meanwhile, Senator of Aceh Province, Sudirman, hoped that this Food Sovereignty Bill can be realized. The existence of this bill can regulate food management in the region, starting from management, distribution and marketing.

"We are not allergic to foreign investors. Sometimes the investors' foreign ways are not integrated with the region. They sometimes become the mafia. The process is not synergy with the community, "Sudirman said.

He added that in the regions there are vacant lands that can be used as agricultural land. But the government has not paid attention to this matter, so that the land is not used.

"In Aceh the land and terrain are still vast. But how are our efforts to move the community to farming. "In that region, there is a lot of land, but when the community will convert the land, the government is not present," he added.

On the same occasion, Senator of Central Sulawesi, Ahmad Syaifullah Malonda, said that the important stages in the realization of food sovereignty are in the production process.

"What's important in Indonesia is production. If our production is good, it means we can manage everything, whether we import or export. We make this bill so that the community can get all the production processes until harvest. If that already exists, then we can know how to set it up, "said Malonda. **


17 September 2018