DPD RI Questioned Health BPJS Deficit Every Year


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI was surprised that eery year Health BPJS  experienced a deficit. In fact, BPJS Health has increased dues and budget subsidies from the government every year. As a result the financial deficit experienced by Health BPJS is inevitable.

"The financial deficit that occurs to Health BPJS  is experienced every year. In addition to increasing the contribution and budget subsidies from the government. But Health BPJS always experiences a deficit, "said Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Delis Julkarson Hehi during the hearing  with the National Social Security Board (DJSN) in the DPD Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/9).

Broadly speaking, he continued, the Committee III DPD noted that there were three problems in BPJS Health services that often appeared in the community. First, the provision of health services for the community. Second, the complexity of administrative requirements. And third, the BPJS Health claim payment problem. "Those three things are often questioned by the community when we do the recess," Delis said.

Delis added that the Act No.24 Year 2011 concerning BPJS had been legalized for seven years. According to him, this is not a short time, but what must be known is that there are still many problems in implementing this law. "The issue of Health BPJS tends to be questioned compared to Employment BPJS," he said.

Meanwhile, DPD member of West Nusa Tenggara Lalu Suhaimy Ismi questioned that Health BPJS  often made regulatory changes. He gave an example, a child in NTB suffered an accident and had to do physiotherapy. But when there are changes to the regulations in Health BPJS, this child must stop his physiotherapy. "Even though he has had two more physiotherapy operations. If there are changes to regulations that are already underway, they should be resolved, "he hoped.

At the same time, DJSN Chairman Sigit Priohutomo explained that the deficit that occurred basically was not a deficit, but unfunded. Even income from contributions is not balanced with the costs incurred by BPJS to finance health services. "As long as the contribution fee cannot cover the service and operational costs. Then unfunded always happens every year, "he explained.

Sigit added to overcome these problems in the short term through the provision of bailout funds by the government as the implementation of article 48 of the SJSN Law. "While the long term through the determination of contribution policies in accordance with the price of economics," he said

12 September 2018