Tjahjo Kumolo: Single Candidate Is Considered Less in Democracy


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Ahmad Muqowam (Senator of Central Java) says the regional elections as a whole went well, although there are still some problems, including the phenomenon of a single regional head candidates which shows an increasing trend in 2017.

Muqowam adds that the single candidate-issue can be answered by new regional election act, but in other places the elections supervisory issues should be supported by the new regulation. In the region, there are still many problems encountered during the elections. Muqowam deplores the increase in single prospective head region on the implementation of simultaneous regional elections  in 2017.

In response, the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo says "We agree with Committee I DPD RI that ought not to be a single candidate, because it is considered to be lacking in democracy, although in therea are regulations that govern it," says Tjahjo Kumolo, in a meeting of Committee I with the Minister of Home Affairs opened by Chairman of Committee I DPD RI with the agenda of strategic issues related to the draft law on government administration and the problems of other regions, Committee I meeting room, Building B DPD RI, Parliament complex Senayan, Jakarta (7 / 3/2017).

"There should be an opponent, not just a single candidate against an empty box, to be agreed there are at least two potential pair, so that our democracy would be better," says Nono Sampono, Senator of Maluku. Nono also hopes on a better the quality of democracy in the future, there should not be any single pair candidate in the elections. (Idr)

07 Maret 2017