Chairman of DPD RI Goes to the Border of Indonesia Natuna Island to Monitor the Development of TNI’s Strength

dpd.go.id Natuna, dpd.go.id - Chairman of DPD RI, Mr. Oesman Sapta paid a working visit with the TNI Commander, to the border area and Indonesia's forefront in the island of Natuna. This working visit is to monitor and check the development of TNI strength in Natuna Island. Monday, April 23, 2018 After landing on Natuna Island, a group of TNI Commander who joined the Chairman of DPD RI and Chairman of DPR RI immediately flew to the Sekatung island. In a meeting with the community and the soldiers on duty at the border, the TNI Commander emphasized the need to work hand in hand between the community and the personnel of the border guard. Furthermore, Mr. OSO conveyed the message that DPD as the representative institution of the region has submitted a regional bill to promote and regulate the regions. It is impossible for the country to prosper if the regions are not prosperous. DPD will pay attention to the development of the border area and the forefront. From the island of sekatung, Chairman of DPD RI continued to visit the island of Datuk by using helicopters MI 17. In Datuk Island, the group headed to Rai Armed which is the headquarters of the storage of various types of weapons, then the group went by bus to the location of infrastructure facilities Radar Weibel, where in this location will be established an air radar, surface radar and ling range camera to monitor all movements of aircraft and ships that pass through Indonesian waters. The next group visited to review the Yon Komposit TNI AD in Sepempang and stay in touch with the TNI and Polri soldiers serving there. In his direction, the TNI commander requested that all elements of the security guard should always be united in the duty, the gathering ended with lunch together. In the next visit, the delegation reviewed the port facilities of the Navy in the Lampa Strait. At this location, the delegation reviewed the construction of the pier which is 100% operational. The existing port facilities include a boat dock over water, a beaching pier, a submarine pontoon. At the end of the visit the group reviewed integrative hangar, Integrative Hospital and integrative mess. From the whole visit, Chairman of DPD RI and Chairman of DPR RI seemed enthusiastic high and sincerity through listening to all explanations of each Dandenma, Askomlek, Waasols Commander of the TNI in front of the TNI Commander. *

23 April 2018