Achieve Bureaucratic Effectiveness Through Bureaucratic Reform


Jakarta. dpd.go.id- Bureaucratic effectiveness is determined by the successful implementation of Bureaucracy Reform, and talk about bureaucracy reform then there are two important points that we need to know which is about organizational management and human resources management. This was conveyed by Satya Susanto, Director General of Harmonization of Legislation Regulation of the Ministry of Finance as a guest speaker in Coffee Morning dialogue organized by Administration Bureau of DPD RI Secretariat in DPD Building of Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (1/11).

Satya added that bureaucratic reform measures the success of bureaucracy in achieving organizational goals. Effectiveness of organizational management and HR management is a very decisive thing in achieving organizational goals. Changes in various important things done by the organization mainly in four things, namely: (1) employees characteristics; (2) organizational characteristics; (3) environmental characteristics; (4) Policies and practices of management.

What is meant by changes in the characteristics of employees is to change the behavior or mind set, work ethic and employee’s work culture. Characteristics that are built is integrity and professionalism by promoting honest, hard work and smart behavior, sincere and diligent work. Meanwhile, regarding the characteristics of the organization, it is necessary to create an effective organizational structure in accordance with organizational goals so that no slice of work that causes double work and cause internal conflict. In addition, the synergy between various units of work is very important not just cooperation and coordination. The important thing in building the synergy by applying honesty and mutual respect.

Regarding environmental characteristics, Satya said it is very important. The environment is divided into two, namely internal and external. Therefore, each organization is expected to have predetermined values because values are like antibodies, which can ward off employees from the influence of external environments that are less supportive of performance. Changes within the organization's internal environment are important and it needs commitment from the leadership to force all employees to change. It needs innovation and adaptation to change in order to survive, and still able to compete amid high competition conditions, as a way to get better revenue and successful leadership.

Finally, the policies and practices of management are (1) how the leader exemplifies and consistently performs what has been established (leading by example) and how the management or management of the organization and (2) how HR is formed from agreed and determined values, because the values that will change the behavior of employees so it is important for values to internalize within and translated in the behavior of employees. (nis)

01 November 2017