Committee IV Initiates the Bill on the State and Regional Receivables Management


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Initiating the Session Year 2017-2018, precisely on Wednesday (17/01/18) Committee IV DPD RI initiated and started the initial discussion of the State and Regional Receivables Management Bill. A public hearing session led by Ajiep Padindang (Senator of South Sulawesi) invited the expert staffs of Committee IV DPD RI namely Drs. Pardiman, M.Si, Drs. Siswo Sujanto, DEA, Dr. Mukhlis Sufri, Dr. Maret Priyanta and Suryanto as resource persons.

In the meeting, as Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padindang explained the purpose of the drafting of State and Regional Receivables Management Bill. According to him, although the Indonesian state system is a unitary state, but operationalally divided into centers and regions. This applies equally to the management of state finances, namely between central and regional levels.

"Our mission in DPD is the region. How to always synergize between the center and the region. Whether later at the end of our proposal there is a word of region will be considered later on. But we want the content of this is always attached to the thought that when talking state receivables, it means there is management of regional receivables, and when we talk about state financial management, it means there is financial management area, "said Ajiep.

Although there is a law that regulates the state receivable namely the Act Number 49 Prp. Year 1960, one of the sources, Suryanto stated that the existence of this law is old and needs to be adjusted to the current situation and condition, "In our opinion, the situation and conditions have changed and thrive, perhaps the macro and micro assumptions have also changed," said Suryanto.

Expert Staff of Committee IV, Dr. Maret Priyanta added that the law should have a corrective and anticipatory function which means that a law must not only able to solve the current problems but also must be able to anticipate problems that will occur in the future.

Not only in the juridical, empirical and sociological aspects, Committee IV along with the five expert staff also collected the framework of ideas and inputs from the legal and economic aspects as a benchmark of the need to review the Bill on the State and Regional Receivables Management.


17 Januari 2018