BAP DPD RI Seeks Solution for Land Dispute with BPN Semarang


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Public Accountability Committee of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) discussed the problem of blocking 3470 Land Rights Certificates owned by citizens in Semarang by the Central Java High Prosecutor's Office. BAP meeting room, DPD RI Building, Senayan Jakarta. Wednesday (10/10/2018).

The Head of BAP DPD RI Muhammad Idris stated that, the problem of blocking 3470 SHM of the Kebon Harjo community in Semarang by the Central Java High Prosecutor's Office at the request of PT. KAI must be resolved. Since 2001, it was found that 3470 SHM issued were proof of legal ownership and power.

"We BAP DPD RI facilitate complaints from the Citizens 'Forum of RW Kebon Harjo Semarang, of which 3470 citizens' certificates were blocked by the High Prosecutor's Office because PT. KAI claims to be its assets. On June 10, 2003 a letter of cancellation of SHM was issued from the High Prosecutor's Office with Number B / 2271 / 0.3.6 / Gln.2 / 06/2003 concerning the SHM owned by the citizens, even though the SHM issued by the local BPN was a valid proof of ownership, " said Muhammad Idis.

Head of the Central Java Provincial BPN Regional Office, Jonahar Azhari, explained that the Perpres No. 62 of 2018 had been issued at present concerning Social and Community Impact Management in the Context of Providing Land for National Development. With the issuance of the Presidential Regulation, BPN Semarang will follow up on the problems of the Kebonharjo residents' land by forming a team to discuss the form of compensation or relocation to the affected people.

"With the issuance of the Perpres we BPN will form an appraisal team to discuss how to settle compensation. Whether compensation or relocation. The regulation states that compensation is not only the value of the land but also the building on it and we see that this is enough to provide solutions for the citizens, "said Jonahar.

DKI Senator Fahira Idris warned that the handling of land issues must be objective. she said that the issued land certificate was the legitimacy of strong evidence that could be maintained.

"I need to clarify the explanation from the high prosecutor regarding the issuance of the decree which cancels it. The SHM is legal and cannot be revoked easily and unilaterally. It us clear that PT. KAI failed to take care of and impact changes in land status, so a certificate was issued from the National Land Agency. I think the state must be fair and open. PT. KAI, Central Java Provincial Government, Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and BPN are looking for solutions that benefit both parties, and we certainly support it," he concluded.

Meanwhile, Andi Surya Lampung Senator PT. KAI could not unilaterally claim ownership of the land by referring to Groondkart. Because according to him it is not appropriate that Groondkart is used as a reference for the basis of land ownership.

"I emphasize to the BPN that Groonkart is not a status of rights. I ask that you be careful if you issue a certificate based solely on Groonkart, because even in the Agrarian Law there is no such thing as a reference as a basis for rights, "he concluded. (Mas)

10 Oktober 2018