Title and Sanction Were Discussed in Joint Meeting of Family Resilience Bill


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The high number of violence, divorce, the rise of poverty rate and the presence of social deviation phenomenon is one of the impacts of family immobility as the smallest social unit within a country. However, the need for compliance with the arrangement and fulfillment of family rights in Indonesia has not been a priority in the area of human development, and civil society development. This is marked by the absence of laws that comprehensively regulate family resilience. This was expressed by Dr. Delis Julkarson Hehi, Vice Chairman of Committee III when he initiated the joint meeting (ragab) harmonization of Family Resilience Bill.

"The importance of the formulation of the Family Resilience Bill is to form a family with values and noble goals so as to manage the resources and challenges faced," added this Senator of Central Sulawesi in the Meeting Room of PPUU DPD RI, Building B, Parliament Complex Senayan , Jakarta, Thursday (16/11/17).

In the initial discussion, the team of experts on Family Resilience Bill of Committee III, PPUU’s expert staff, legal drafter and PPUU Secretariat have agreed that the title is changed into the Bill of Family Resilience Development considering the substance of the bill is more on the development of family resilience. It then incorporates the norms that govern the role of the business world in building family resilience by including sanctions for violations.

"Related to the title it would be better if  the word development is not added because it is more like the name of the activity, not the proposed law, whereas the name of family resilience actually has broader aspects, covering aspects of culture, social, religious values," suggested Ajiep Padindang, Senator of South Sulawesi.

Agreed with Ajiep's proposal, Abraham Liyanto, senator of NTT said that this law can be a macro so that if it is added with the word development, the scope will be small, considering the birth of this bill depart from macro issues such as drugs, HIV / AIDS, LGBT,

Meanwhile, Gede Pasek considered that there are some norms that are not constant and not consistent for example is the one related to rewards and sanctions as in article 46.

Related to sanctions, Expert Team of Committee III, Prof. Euis Sunarti revealed that sanctions are granted to regional governments in the form of administrative sanctions, not granted to families.

"The regulation on sanctions in this bill should be emphasized, in this case the family resilience means the family should be the focus instead of punishing the regional government. So actually who is the object in this bill, the family or the government? "asked Ajiep.

Responding to Ajiep, Abraham explained that in this bill, it will be set sanctions to the family in this case the father, mother, child, who commits a violation of moral sanctions.

In the joint meeting between PPUU and Committee III led by the Chairman of PPUU, Gede Pasek Suardika and Vice Chairman of PPUU, Nofi Candra agreed that, the title of the fixed bill is Family Resilience Bill but related to sanctions for violation of this bill, it will be discussed again in the next ragab. (ram)

16 November 2017