Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The high circulation and abuse of narcotics is an urgent reason to revise Act No. 35 about Narcotics. One of the points proposed in the Act is to increase the portion of prevention rather than eradication efforts. This was conveyed by a member of Committee III DPD RI, Abdul Azis Kafia at a Public Hearing (RDPU) with a number of drug activists on Tuesday (14/5).

Abdul Azis explained that the current condition of the estate with the acceleration of information requires more appropriate laws with the current conditions. According to him, the revision was focused on providing prevention rather than eradicating.

"I strongly agree that we must have firmness not to imitate other countries regarding law enforcement. If indeed we still need the death penalty, it should be applied to dealers, and for addicts it must be rehabilitated because of their status as a victim. But the most dangerous is still a distributor, "said this member from DKI Jakarta.

In line with that, another member of Committee III, Abdul Jabbar Toba assessed that juvenile delinquency should not be entirely blamed on teenagers, because the role of parents determines children's attitudes. Besides parents, the role of religious leaders also plays an important role in equipping adolescents with religious knowledge.

"In the future, from elementary school to university, teenagers in mosques, boarding houses need to be approached too. We need to approach again about the role of religion in the eradication of drugs, so it is necessary for the ulama and ustadzah to be equipped with material on how the drugs will affect, "added this member from the South Sulawesi Province.

Committee III member Herry Erfian added that if the regulation does not provide a deterrent effect regarding rehabilitation, it would not have an impact on reducing drug crime in Indonesia. For that, Herry hopes that there will be severe sanctions for users or addicts, so that they have the deterrent effect of not using drugs or other active ingredients.

Responding to this, the Deputy of BNN Enforcement, Arman Depari, explained that he welcomed the proposed amendment to the regulation on narcotics. Pharmaceutical technology is growing very rapidly, so arrangements for narcotics and other addictive substances are urgently needed.

Arman further acknowledged, the existing regulations do not accommodate prevention of narcotics use, but regulate eradication, law enforcement and termination of supply.

 "We also need to disseminate the output of prevention. This is very technical, it needs to be discussed once again so that this prevention problem should be equal to the eradication. Even if we remember the advice of parents, actually it is better to prevent than treat. "Eradication efforts are the last thing if the prevention is not successful," he explained.

In addition, socialization by involving community leaders and religious leaders should be regulated, so it is important to include the role of the community in the revised law.

"The most important thing in this case is the participation of the community. In general, our country tends to cover up the issue, which is considered a shame for the family, this is very important," he said.


14 Mei 2019