Committee II DPD RI Asks the Government to Achieve Equalization of Regional Energy


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Currently, there are many villages that have not been flowed by energy, whether it is electricity, gas, or fuel. As a result, development in the region becomes obstructed which leads to weak economic and public welfare. Therefore Committee II DPD RI requested that the government realize the distribution of energy to all regions, especially to the category 3T village (left behind, fore and outermost).

In a Hearing Meeting with the Director General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Andy Sommeng, Head of BPH Migas, Fanshurullah Asa and Director General for Rural Area Development of the Ministry of Village, PDT and Transmigration, Ahmad Erani Yustika on Wednesday (14/3), Chairman of Committee II DPD RI, Parlindungan Purba said that government programs on fuel prices, power distribution, and even distribution of oil and gas supplies should be realized. (14/1)

"Equity distribution of oil, gas, in all corners of Indonesia must be realized, especially in 3T area so that energy independence in the village can be created, and people can fulfill more than 60% of energy needs for electricity and fuel through the utilization of local resources potential," he said.

This North Sumatera senator added that the distribution of fuel is still far from the sense of justice. The number of gas stations that only 7,000 units are not comparable with the population of BBM consumers. Not only that, the lack of uniformity of the electrical network causes frequent power disturbance in the region, including in his region. "I want special attention to Nias. Although the network already exists, but often the electricity is disturbed and consequently die, "he said.

Senator from Riau Islands, Haripinto Tanuwidjaja also complained about the ratio of electrification in his region. Many areas of Riau Archipelago have not been powered by electricity. "The electrification ratio in our place was the third lowest. In Selayar sub district, electricity has existed since the 90s, but only 13 hours until now, it has no progress, "he said.

EMR Department Director General of Electricity, Andy Sommeng explained that the electrification ratio increased by about 10%. Currently, the electrification ratio is 97.5% and in 2019 it is targeted to reach 99%.

"We have issued ESDM No 30/2016 for acceleration of electrification in the countryside. With this regulation, it is possible for Maluku and Papua Province to accelerate development in order to increase the electrification ratio. Including energy-efficient solar lamps that are distributed free of charge, "he explained.

Head of BPH Migas, Fanshurullah Asa said that the government is currently focusing on the BBM One Price program. Where, in the villages will be built sub distributors of fuel to fuel distribution more evenly. Related marketing will be coordinated with the rgional government, including in the pricing.

In response, Senator from East Java, Ahmad Nawardi supports the BBM One Price program. "I really appreciate BBM one price. I agree this program is socialized to the local government. And DPD members are ready to assist BPH oil and gas to socialize BBM of this price to the regent. Because many regional heads do not know about this program, "he said. * Ars


14 Maret 2018