DPD RI Requests for Legal View on New Authority Issue


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The DPD RI is working fast in carrying out the mandate of the MD3 Act in terms of monitoring and evaluating the draft regional regulations (Raperda) and regional regulations (Perda) as stipulated in Act No.2 Year 2018 concerning the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD article 249 paragraph 1 letter J. After ratifying the regulation, namely the 2018 Rules of Conduct and the DPD RI's completeness, namely the Regional Legislation Affairs Committee (PULD) at the end of August, now the DPD is looking for a format in implementing this authority by inviting experts and academics law.

When opening the Executive Brief, Akhmad Muqowam, Vice Chairman of the Republic of Indonesia DPD RI, said that several steps had been taken by DPD RI to carry out the mandate of the MD3 Act. The regulations in DPD RI are in the form of rules and have instituted the new function with the establishment of the Regional Legislation Committee (PULD) and of course later the implementation rules will be established. "DPD RI has no experience with this new authority, this step was taken so that DPD is not wrong in carrying out the mandate of the Law", said Muqowam in the DPD RI Leadership meeting room, Jakarta, Thursday (13/09).

PULD Chairman, Gede Pasek Suardika added that DPD institution was needed by the region to harmonize national and regional legislation. "Therefore, we really need input, under the law, where the DPD's position is the best," said this senator from Bali.

When giving an explanation, Umbu Rauta, a UKSW Law Faculty lecturer, said that the position of DPD is to be a sparing partner of the central government, in this case the President in monitoring and evaluating the drafting of regional regulations and regulations, in order to guarantee systemic regulations in the Republic of Indonesia. To avoid confusiin, the regions should consult the DPD or the government, so the evaluation results are only one door, namely in the central government, the President, through the mechanism that will be determined later ", Umbu said.

Umbu also gave a recommendation that the DPD RI should focus on evaluating the regional regulations. "Because if you supervise and evaluate the draft regulation, the time and energy will be drained," he said.

According to Umbu, if the regional government comes to consult DPD RI on the draft regulation and regional regulations, it will not be a problem, because it is already a political decision. "The position of recommendations from state institutions is DPD RI, the entrance is the realization of the supervisory function.

This recommendation is strong because the function of supervision is DPD RI, "said Umbu.

Meanwhile, Maria Farida Indrati (Professor of the Faculty of Law UI) in her study occupied the new tasks and authority of DPD in Article 249 paragraph (1) of Act No. 2 Year 2018 on the MPR, DPR, DPD and DPRD in the larger  perspective of Indonesian constitution.

The constructive record of Maria Farida is very important, especially so that the DPD RI knows exactly the position of authority from the mandate of the MD3 Act, and this gets appreciation from the Committee Leaders, PPUU, and PULD RI DPD who were also present at the event.

13 September 2018