Siskeudes is Expected to Overcome the Village Fund Corruption


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Many cases of alleged corruption of village funds in various regions received serious attention by DPD RI, especially with the appeal of President Joko Widodo who requested that the implementation of the village funds was supervised constantly. To that end, Committee IV of DPD RI, which one of its duty is to pay attention to the financial affairs of central and regional (village funds) held a Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the Head of Finance and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP) to discuss the village financial system in Committee IV Meeting Room DPD RI, Komplek Parliament Senayan, Jakarta (5/2).

"There are 900 more Village Heads from 72,000 Village Heads across Indonesia who deal with law enforcement, which is certainly not due to intentional factors, simply because of reporting issues. In 2018, BPKP was involved in monitoring village finances. For that we want to know how the examination techniques conducted by BPKP?", asked Ayi Hambali, as Vice Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI and chairman of the meeting.

Gatot Darmasto, Deputy for Supervision of Regional Financial Implementation, said that on November 27, 2015, Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) submitted a letter to the Regent / Mayor all over Indonesia to implement Siskeudes (Village Finance System) application. Then on August 31, 2016 there has also sent a letter of appeal of KPK to the Head of the Village to use Siskeudes application. In July-December 2017, the application of Siskeudes is accelerated so that on December 31, 2017 Siskeudes application implementation has been 100% done. There are 65,460 villages from 74,958 villages, 405 regencies / cities throughout Indonesia have implemented Siskeudes.

"The role of BPKP as a preventive supervision of village financial management accountability is firstly done by developing the Guidance of Counseling (Bimkon) on village financial management and simple application (Siskeudes and SIA-Bumdes) together with Kemendagri. Secondly, by actively participate in providing input and suggestions to regulators (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Village PTT, Regencies / Cities). Third by organizing Technical Guidance (Bimtek) and consultation on village financial management. Fourth by facilitating the improvement of competence of local government and village human resources ", explained Gatot.

Senator from Jambi Province, Daryati Uteng really appreciates Siskeudes. Daryati expected that Siskeudes will prevent corruption in the village.

Meanwhile, the Senator from East Java Province, Budiono requested that BPKP further improve mentoring as well as coaching in each region because of the recent findings of BPK. (sna)

05 Februari 2018