Setjen DPD RI Holds LPDP Scholarship Workshop


Jakarta, dpd.go.id (13/9) - The General Secretariat of DPD RI held an LPDP Scholarship Workshop with the theme "Reaching a Dream with Scholarships. The workshop was one of the steps taken by the General Secretariat's Human Resources Development Department in improving the competence of employees in the General Secretariat of the DPD RI through education.

According to the Head of the HR Development Section, Sri Sundari, the workshop can provide information on scholarships from the Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) that can be used by ASNs in the Secretariat General of the DPD to pursue their education. Education offered can be from foreign or domestic.

"The hope of a LPDP scholarship workshop is to get a comprehensive knowledge of LPDP scholarships. Utilizing the LPDP scholarship offer in order to increase human resource capacity. Later the Secretary General of DPD RI can utilize the offer so that it can answer the challenge, " she said.

Sri Sundari added that according to the ASN Act No. 5 Year 2014, every ASN is given the right to obtain education. Therefore, the Secretariat General of the Republic of Indonesia DPD facilitates every employee who has the opportunity to get an education again. She also encouraged that every ASN in the Secretariat General of DPD RI to improve competence through education.

"We are currently facilitating all employees to understand, to know, to have a desire. Every employee must have a dream. Do we want to be stuck there? We must have the desire to learn and learn, " she added.

Meanwhile, according to the Head of LPDP Alumni Talent Management Division Ratna Prabandari, the government is very concerned about education for the community. This is the background of LPDP stands. Education funds managed by LPDP can be used by all communities. Ratna added that the government is also paying attention to increasing ASN capacity. In LPDP there is a special quota for education scholarships allocated to ASN, the TNI and the National Police.

"This year is ASN. The government asked the LPDP to allocate special scholarships for ASN, TNI and Police, "said Ratna.

At the end of the event, Sri Sundari requested that each employee in the Secretariat General of DPD RI able to take advantage of various educational scholarship opportunities, one of which was LPDP. Through education, a person can improve his or her competence which also influences his or her instutis to be better.

13 September 2018