Received Visit of South Korean Parliament Chairman, DPD RI Discussed Investment Increase


Jakarta, dpd.go.id (14/9) - The DPD RI received a visit from the Chairman of the Parliament of South Korea Moon Hee Sang on Friday (14/9) in the delegation room of DPD RI Chairman. The meeting discussed the increasing cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea. One of them is the investment in the regions for regional development.

The arrival of Moon Hee Sang was welcomed by the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta, together with the Leaders of DPD RI and BKSP DPD RI. The meeting was considered as a follow-up to President Joko Widodo's visit to South Korea discussing increasing cooperation between the two countries. Oesman Sapta hoped that in the future there will be cooperation between the DPD RI and the South Korean Parliament regarding investment for regional development.

"Our president has just returned from there (South Korea) and has signed a memorandum of understanding that improves economic relations for 2020 to 30 billion dollars. And he also came to reinforce and want to explore investments that can spread to regions. And we agree together to do activities that go directly to the region, "said Oesman Sapta when interviewed.

This Senator from West Kalimantan also hoped that in the future the relations between the two countries will be closer and always mutually beneficial. Oesman Sapta also advised South Korea to provide support in the MIKTA meeting (Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey and Australia). Where several matters discussed at the meeting included resistance to terrorism, economic cooperation, energy development, sustainable development, and gender equality.

Oesman Sapta hoped that in the future the Chairman of Parliament can make another visit to Indonesia, and meet with DPD RI. Oesman Sapta considered today's meeting with Moon Hee Sang to be too short.

"I hope that, Your Excellency Mr. Moon will revisit Jakarta, but don't be too strict, if necessary bring the family here," he added.

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Sang explained that his meeting with the DPD RI was aimed at discussing increased cooperation between the two countries. Many fields can be used as opportunities for cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea. Especially at this time the MIKTA meeting was attended by Indonesia and South Korea. Moon Hee Sang also hopes that in the future the two countries will grow to become a big country.

"We both talked about various things to increase cooperation in particular to provide support to Indonesia and South Korea as a medium-power country and MIKTA members. I hope that Indonesia will continue to play an important role as an important country in MIKTA and ASEAN, "said Moon Hee Sang.

Moon Hee Sang added that his country is committed to always increasing investment cooperation with Indonesia. He added that in the future there will be cooperation projects between the two countries.

"In the last two years South Korea's investment in Indonesia has increased by 80 percent and trade has increased by 20 percent. I request support and great attention from the Chairman of DPD and all levels of DPD so that all South Korean investments can run well in a safe and comfortable environment in Indonesia, he said.




14 September 2018