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DPD RI: Many Potential of State Losses in HAPSEM II BPK RI Year 2017


Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI highlighted the number of potential state losses after receiving explanation on the examination semester results (HAPSEM) II Year 2017 which has been done by the State Audit Agency. The examination results were delivered at the 2nd Plenary Session of DPD RI, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta, Tuesday (3/4).

Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta said that in general the Chairman of BPK RI has stated that the problems encountered in IHPS II 2018 are generally caused by problems of weakness of the internal control system (SPI), the problem of non compliance to the provisions of legislation and the problem of inefficient and ineffectiveness causing state losses of Rp1.46 trillion and potential loss of Rp5.04 trillion.

"Surely this should be the attention of DPD RI as a regional representation, because all forms of state losses and potential losses must be minimized so that they can be utilized for the benefit of the people and the region.On the other hand, from the results of the examination, DPD RI also needs to provide special records of the results thematic examination of BPK RI, "said Oesman Sapta.

Also present in the Extraordinary Plenary Session, Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI, Darmayanti Lubis, Member of DPD RI, Member of BPK RI, and Plt. Secretary General of DPD RI, Ma'aruf Cahyono.

On the occasion, BPK Chairman, Moermahadi Soerja Djanegara said it had concluded that the performance of 205 objects on local government has not been fully effective. The number of inspection objects is almost 45 percent of the total reporting result (LHP) resulted from the second semester BPK 2017 that is 449 LHP consisting of 6 LHP finance (1%), 239 LHP performance (53%) and 204 LHP with a specific purpose (DTT ) (46%). "Examination of performance on local government among them is a thematic examination," he said.

He added that until the second semester of 2017, BPK has reported the audit results of all local government financial statements of 542 LHP. The amount was reached after IHSP II in 2017.

"When compared to the achievements in 2015, the quality of LKPD has the increased in WTP opinion by 12 percent from 58 percent to 70 percent," said Moermahadi.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono said that the results of thematic review conducted by BPK are related to the fulfillment of the needs of teachers and professional staff, the management of drugs in the implementation of the National Health Insurance (JKN), the administration of population, and the one-door integrated service permit which supports ease on business and investment.

"After receiving the report from BPK, I ask all DPD members and organs to make it an important record of the material of the implementation of constitutional duties." With the existing report, it is expected to be a material in synergy with the local government to follow up the recommendations of BPK, for the improvement and realization transparent and accountable financial governance, "Nono Sampono said.

The results of the Second Semester of 2017 will specifically be followed up through Committee IV and the Public Accountability Committee (BAP). HAPSEM II will also be a material in drawing up the consideration of DPD RI to the Bill relating to the State Budget (APBN). (* fan / mas).

03 April 2018