DPD RI - Indonesia is a Sample of Tolerance for Myanmar


Jakarta - Related to the humanitarian conflict that occurred in Myanmar, the country of Indonesia as a multi-religious, tribal and racial nation can be an example of harmony for Myanmar. This was revealed in the Executive Brief held by DPD RI together with Komnas Ham, UNHCR Activist, and Academician University of Indonesia, in Senayan Complex Jakarta. Monday (9/11).

Also present in the executive brief were Vice Chairman I of DPD RI, Nono Sampono, Vice Chairwoman II, Darmayanti Lubis, Members of DPD RI, Fahira Idris, Mervin Sadipun Komber, Siska Marleni, GKR Ayu Koes Indriyah, Abdul Qadir, M. Nabil, Maneger Nasution - Commissioner of Komnas HAM, Nurul Rochayati - UNHCR, Maswadi Rauf - Professor Fisip UI

Responding to the issue of Humanity in Rohingya, DPD RI digging up deep information about facts, background, and review of possibilities in the future. DPD RI also sees the possible impact of the conflict in Myanmar on Indonesia in general, and in particular to the regions / provinces closest to the restive regions such as provinces in Aceh, North Sumatera and Riau Islands.

"We must be careful in addressing this humanitarian issue, we must see from the side of international humanitarian problems that occurred in Myanmar, not from ethnicity and religion alone, I think Indonesia can be a leading to help solve the problem there, because this is also the mandate of the constitution," explained Darmayanti Lubis, Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI.

On the same occasion, Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Nono Sampono said that this should not be a problem of national trans or other problems of the country but have an impact in our country. "DPD RI can encourage the government to be more involved as a reason to avoid any impact in Indonesia. I think the presence of Indonesia in Myanmar shows the position of Indonesia that have an important role to maintain peace in the ASEAN region, "said Nono.

Agreed with the statement, Meneger Nasution Commissioner of National Commision of Human Rights, stated that although this is the issue of other countries, but no matter how small it should not affect Indonesia.

"The humanitarian background will be the concern of our Komnas HAM. Especially Indonesia that can have the agenda for leading in ASEAN as a problem solver, and according to its function role, DPD RI should help educate the society in the region to be wise in seeing this problem," said this Commissioner of Komnas HAM.

Nurul Rochiya of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) explained that stopping the conflict in rakhine is the most important thing now, and should be done as soon as possible.

"Where there are stateless people, we UNHCR urges Myanmar to grant legal status to refugees, and ask Myanmar to consider the status of Rohinghya citizenship. The long-term solution is the placement of refugees in third countries and it is very limited, or allow to stay temporarily in Indonesia while still seeking asylum, "Nurul said.

The conclusion drawn from the executive brief is that the Rohingyas must be seen as an international humanitarian problem. The effects of the Rohingya conflict will bring the number of refugees to Indonesia, Indonesia Should be an example of tolerance from the Government of Myanmar on interfaith harmony, and from this executive brief, DPD RI will soon conduct a discussion and provide recommendations on solution problems to the government. (mas)  



11 September 2017