Discussing 2 Bills, PPUU and Committee 1 Agree on the Following


Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Bill Drafting Committee (PPUU) of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) held a joint meeting with the leadership of Committee 1 in the Meeting Room of PPUU DPD RI, Building B third floor, Parliament Complex Senayan , Jakarta, Wednesday (13/09/2017).

In opening the joint meeting, Gede Pasek explained that there are 2 (two) agendas that need to be discussed and agreed together among others the framework of harmonization, rounding, and consolidation of conception of Regional Government Bill and the Bill on Ethics of State Implementation.

"The bill that we presentias a form of respect and appreciation of DPD RI through Committee 1 on the various aspirations that developed in the community, especially the people who are in the archipelago, with records of archipelagic areas that are still lagging behind various aspects." said Vice Chairman of Committee 1, Benny Rhamdani.

Ajiep Padindang (Senator of South Sulawesi) proposed the need to push the Special Autonomy Bill for the Management of the Islands Region and for the titles, Ajiep suggested to change it into the Islands Region Act.

"Related to Mr. Ajiep's proposal regarding the title of the Bill on the Islands Region, I think it can be used because it is more soft, simple and it covers all," said Gede Pasek who then agreed by all members of the meeting.

As for Chapter 1 General Provisions, and Article 6 Paragraph (1) Sub-Paragraph b and Article 7 Paragraph (1) Sub-Paragraph b, it is agreed that the word "Defense and Security" shall be abolished because it will conceptually lead to an understanding that it is in contrast to the geopolitics of Homeland and according to Act No . 23 Year 2004 on regional governments, the context is an absolute government affairs of the central government.

Related to the second discussion of the Bill on Ethics of State Administration, members of the meeting emphasized more the discussion on the necessity of ethical committees formation.

"The organizers of ethical enforcement shall be submitted to each state organizing agency. The bill is present to be a big umbrella to form national ethics and ethics of nationality," said Ajiep Padindang.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Mawardi considered the necessity of this bill as a guideline, therefore an ethical committee needs to be formed to respond to the infertility of the internal ethical committee in deciding whether or not to be wrong in an offense.

"In our opinion, the ethics committee needs to make a fair decision so that it can really do the best of possible duties to create a clean and dignified government. As for the mechanism of election of ethics committee members, it is selected based on DPR and DPD proposal so that its formation is representative." added this Senator of Central Kalimantan.

At the end of the meeting, Benny Rhamdani asserted that the establishment of an ethical committee is important and becomes a necessity without liquidating the internal ethics committee, nevertheless the derivation is to which extent the ethical committee and the internal ethics committee, which are the authorities and how to build awareness in regulating the country to be better. (ram)

13 September 2017