Cambodian Senate Supports DPD RI to be AIPA Members

Vice Chairman of the House of Regional Representatives, Laode Ida hopes in the next session of Asian Inter Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA), there are adjustment of AIPA statute which confirms that Indonesian National Parliamentary consists of the DPR and DPD. So that the DPD will get international recognition. At the session of AIPA which will be held in September 2011, Cambodia will be the host. Laode Ida said that the problem became a special case to be discussed in the delegation visit of Cambodian Senates to Indonesia on July 5-9, 2011. "They will provide support to the DPD to be part of the Southeast Asian community through the AIPA parliament," said Laode Ida in the press conference on 8th floor of Nusantara III Building, Wednesday (6 / 7). Delegation of Cambodian Senate also intends to strengthen the cooperative relations, because the DPD is part of the Indonesian parliament. "Cambodia and Indonesia have similarity in terms of culture and also has cooperation with one of the provinces in Indonesia, that is Jogjakarta," said Laode Ida who was accompanied by Chairman of the PHAL of DPD, Sultan Bakhtiar Najamudin and other senators of the DPD. Cambodian Senate delegation led by OUK Bounchhoeun (Chairman of the Commission of Judiciary and Justice, senator of Cambodia) met with the leaders of the DPD and Chairman of MPR, discussed the development of bilateral relations. Cambodian senator expressed his gratitude to the government and people of Indonesia, because Indonesia participated in developing the culture and became a mediator in the dispute between Cambodia and Thailand. "And of course we hope to share and exchange experience in parliament," said OUK Bounchhoeun. Over the past 3 (three) days in Jakarta, there will be exchange views on the system of legislation, budget and oversight, as well as the political system, particularly the political parties in parliament. The discussion was also attended by several members of the Legislature and Members of the Budget of DPR. Cambodian Senate delegation will also meet leaders and members of the KPU on Friday (8 / 7) morning. OUK Bounchhoeun said that they give a little experience of Cambodia that have been involved in the AIPA, because Cambodia has bilateral relations with senate in other countries. "Cambodia invited to join together in international forums," said OUK Bounchhoeun.

07 Juli 2011