Work Meeting of DPD RI Prof. Darmayanti Lubis in North Sumatera Province

Pematangsiantar, dpd.go.id - DPD RI as a regional representative institution is an institution that is free from political party intervention and is independent. For this reason, DPD RI is ready to fight for regional interests, one of which is by taking part in supervising the village fund program promised by the central government in early April 2019 to really go down to the community. This was conveyed by Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI Prof. Darmayanti Lubis during a face-to-face dialogue with the ranks of heads of offices, sub-district heads and village heads in the Pematangsiantar City Government Office, North Sumatera Province, Thursday (14/3),

Vice Chairman of DPD RI Prof. Darmayanti Lubis explained that the presence of DPD RI Members in the regions should be able to be utilized by the local community because each DPD RI member does not have the political burden such as DPR RI members from political parties. Darmayanti pointed out that she was not a representative of a particular party so there was no obligation to carry out certain presidential candidates. For this reason, she hoped that the people in the regions would use the role of the independent DPD RI for the progress of their respective regions.

In terms of supervision of urban village funds, Darmayanti explained that the presence of DPD RI in the regions was a must. "Our arrival in the framework of monitoring and assisting the process of disbursing urban village funds that reached 3 trillion, was shared for all villages in Indonesia."

According to her, her presence was to monitor whether the technical guidelines had been dropped, and what the progress was like. The stage one village fund should have been rolled out in February to May, "Phase one should have been distributed. "Our presence is to ensure that the program has or has not been running," she said.

Darmayanti further explained that at this time there was a village community forum that was formed to deal with urban village funding issues to be effective as planned. According to her, the DPD RI is very supportive of this forum and is very open to help socialize the urban village funding programs to the community.

According to Darmayanti, the DPD RI is indeed not as popular as the DPR RI because it relates to limited authority and the existence of DOD RI is the relatively new. However, despite the new institution, she said, the DPD RI had an independent attitude.

"So we look less well-known, we cannot nominate a president, unlike the DPR members, they can nominate the president, they can be from their parties" she concluded, giving an explanation of the differences between the members of DPD RI and DPR RI.

According to Darmayanti, in terms of limited authority in carrying out legislative duties, the DPD RI still has the right to submit a bill, supervise the implementation of certain laws and supervise the implementation of the state budget and have the authority to monitor and evaluate regional regulations.

In every presence in the region, Darmayanti explained that this was proof of the responsibility of DPD's concern for the local community.

Darmayanti explained that 132 members of DPD RI were representatives from each province.

One province is represented by four members. According to her, North Sumatera people should be grateful from four members of DPD RI from North Sumatera, she was trusted and elected to be one of the current DPD RI Leaders.

As regional representatives, the DPD RI feels it has benefits for each region. "I picked up the ball to ask what problems there were in the region. Even though we were not the ones who knocked on the hammer about the size of the distribution of urban village funds, we could voice and submit views to the government on the allocation and distribution of the funds, "she said.

Meanwhile, Eddy Nuah Saragih, SE, MM, expert staff in the development field of Pematangsiantar City supported the steps of DPD RI to fight for regional interests. According to him, as a representative of the region at the center, every problem in the region should indeed received support from every regional representative in the center both from the DPR and the DPD RI.

According to him, Pematangsiantar City as a new autonomous region has limited development budget so it needs support from members of DPD RI to fight for additional budgets. "It is expected that the presence of the Chairman of DPD RI can strengthen the city of Pemantangsiantar to get a larger budget from the central government.

Eddy also hoped that the authority of DPD RI in terms of the budget could be strengthened again by participating in determining and deciding any rules relating to the magnitude and mechanism of regional revenue sharing funds. According to him, as a regional representative, the DPD RI has a big interest because each of its members is a representative of the region.


14 Maret 2019
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