PKS President Supports the Strengthening of DPD

The House of Regional Representatives (DPD) RI deems necessary the amendment of the 1945 Constitution, DPD continues to enlist the support of political party one of which is the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS).

"Our arrival here is to ask for feedback and support from 
PKS associated to amendments of strengthening DPD," said Vice Chairwoman of DPD, GKR Hemas when she met the President of PKS Sohibul Iman at his office, Jakarta, Thursday (18/8).

According to him, in 2006, PKS has been providing support for DPD. "DPD has already cooperated with PKS since 2006. Until now, PKS is still supportive," said Hemas.

Hemas added that DPD requires support of political parties to realize the fifth amendment. She explained that this amendment is not necessarily for the interests of DPD but to improve the existing constitutional system in Indonesia. The President of PKS, Sohibul faith gave inputs for DPD to lobby relevant technical discussion of the Act in the House according to the results of the Constitutional Court.

Sohibul Iman also thankful for the visitt of DPD. "This visit is connecting relationship. In addition, we also discuss substantive matters related to the state. The substantive relates to the Amendment of the Constitution," he said.

He explained Amendment of the Constitution is not only the strengthening of DPD. It can improve the quality of Indonesian state.

"PKS since 2006 supports it all and we hope other parties will support it too. Because if PKS is the only one that gives support, it will not be enough," stated Sohibul.

To that end, Sohibul suggested DPD to lobby political parties. In addition, DPD also need to do a technical lobby to the leadership of DPR. "I suggested DPD to lobby the chairman of the party and chairman of the parliamentary commission," he said.

He added, this kind of technical lobby is needed by DPD. For example is the discussion of the Law on the first and second stages. Because DPD has the authority that involves the region. "DPD is supposed to participate in the stage two discussion, but only certain parliamentary commission in DPR that include DPD," said Sohibul.


20 Agustus 2016